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Call of Duty: Dark War III
Developer(s) Innovation Los Angeles
Publisher(s) Activision
Designer(s) James Nashton - Lead Designer & Head Writer
Picture format 16:9 Standard
Version First Release
Released November 18, 2021 (US)

November 19, 2021 (UK)
November 20, 2021 (Worldwide)
February 15, 2022 (IES)

Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Singleplayer


Ratings ESRB M


Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Playstation 5
Xbox Infinity

Media Optical Disc


"It All Ends Here"
―The Game Tagline

Call of Duty: Dark War III is an first person shooter game that developed by Innovation Los Angeles and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, and Xbox Infinity. The game is the direct sequel of the 2019's Call of Duty: Dark War II and the final game in the Dark War trilogy.

The storyline take place 1 year after the destruction of America and England, 2021 and 2030. The storyline was revealed in Activision tweet in January 20, 2021. And the more detailed is revealed in the Campaign gameplay footage. The footage reveled the game new protagonist, Lt. Andrew "Metal" Johnson. The footage show the mission when the new playable faction, Hunters inflitrating a Krasnez communication facility and plant a virus to the main mainframe into collect every intel on Viktor Fashkov and all his plans.

The graphic engine of the game is IW 3XTREME and also known as the IW EXTREME 3.0. The engine is not an updated version of the 2.5 but a brand new and fresh engine.

And in February 15, 2022 the game was released for Infinity Entertainment System (IES).


"End of a trilogy. The moment you all be waiting for. You have seen the first two game, and i promised you this is the best one. It's been a pleasure to wrote the story of the three games. And because it's the final one, it must be special one. I'm planning to make another Call of Duty trilogy, but it's still in the process, far from complete. And this one will be different than the other two. In this game you only have each other. Teamwork is very important to survived and succeed."
―James Nashton during the unveiling of Call of Duty: Dark War III in Gamescom 2020.

The game was revealed in Gamescom 2020. In Gamescom, Activision shows the 5 minutes of the campaign gameplay footage. The footage shows a mission where the Hunters soldiers inflitrating a Krasnez communication facility and plant a virus to the main mainframe to collect every intel on Viktor Fashkov and all his plans.

Before the official announcement, the game was unofficially announce by the voice actor of Mark "Phantom" Flynn, Troy Baker. 3 months before Gamescom 2020, he said the voicing process is almost complete but he don't revealed the release date yet because revealing it is a violation.

Then in January 20, 2021, Activision revealed the storyline of the game via thier tweet. They said the game will have two different timeline, 2021 and 2030. One month after the tweet, they released a few screenshots of footage of the multiplayer and the next day Activision upload the Multiplayer Footage Video.

Two days after they upload the video, they upload the demonstration of the IW 3XTREME. They said it have more realistic lighting effect, rainfall effect, water effect, even the smallest detail like rust on weapons, scars on the protagonist's hands, dirts below their fingernails and other small details are now visible. And in the video, they compared the game graphics on the Current-Gen and The Next-Gen.

Two days later, they revealed the new mode for Dark War II, Insanity. It's a survival mode. The objective is simple, survived as long as you can. You can play alone or with your friends (Co-Op), 3 player maximum. The player can choose what their enemies are. There are 3 kinds of enemies, Human, Zombies, and Aliens.

One week later, they release a few screenshots of the appearances of the characters in the game. Including the new protagonist, Andrew "Metal" Johnson with an M4A1 rifle. And in February 21, 2021, people can Pre-Order the game. And in June 15, 2021 Activision revealed the Reveal Trailer and 3 months later they reveal the Official trailer. 

And in November 20, 2021 the game release worldwide and two days earlier the game release for US and UK. And in February 15, 2022 the game release for the developer's console, Infinity Entertainment System.


The gameplay has completely redesigned since the Call of Duty: Dark War II. With the new engine, IW 3XTREME, it makes the animations more interactable and realistic which was not too often in Call of Duty: Dark War II. That's mean all enviroments in game are interactable and destructable.

Now the player can completely choose their action. For example they can choose how to breach a door, choose the path for the player ways, when in a silent mission, if it's almost impossible to keep silent they can choose to stay silent or go loud, and the player can choose to provide a cover fire or rappel down to the battlefield.

Before starting a mission, the player can make their own strategy to do the mission. But if the player decided to not to make their own strategy they can use the default strategy. Or they can use the Challenge Strategy. If the player complete the mission with the challenge strategy, the player will get the ratings for their progress. More higher the ratings, more points the player will get for the Multiplayer.

And not just that, they can choose the minor NPCs. The minor NPC have their own sets of abilities. The basic NPCs has standard abilities. The player can buy more NPCs from the offline store. NPCs's abilities can be increased by progressing the campaign with them joining the player. But NPCs ability has it own limit. But the player can put NPCs if the mission is scripted to not have a minor NPC. If a NPC died, they can't be recovered. But if they are wounded, they can be recovered but it takes hours to recover or the player can use medkit for instant recover. But still, the player still can choose the default NPC. Now the player is able to direct their team. For example the player can direct one of his team member to kill an unaware enemy by whistling and ordering them do it or the player can kill the enemy them self. The player can do this too in Multiplayer and Survived. The player cannot do this in a mission that scripted to have the player to kill the enemies.

Now instead of just watching the intro cutscene of a mission, the player can control the character. And if the player decided to just watch the cutscene and not controlling the character, the character will walk automatically.


The story takes place after the destruction of America and England. A half of the story take place in 2021, one year after the destruction of America and England and the other half take place in 2030, 10 years after the destruction of America and England.


The intro cutscene shows a table in a room and the view slowly zoom in to the table and then the view shows the stuff on the table. There are a few weapons magazines, bullets, a M4A1 rifle, and a photograph of Viktor Fashkov and a knife is sticking on it. Then the view zoom out from the room and then the view shows a bunch of missiles in the sky are about to hit the ground. And when the missiles hit the ground, the screen turns into black. Then the view change into a destroyed town. After that the cutscene shows some parts of missions in Call of Duty: Dark War II (Outer Rim, Liberty has Fallen, and Last Chance). And when the cutscene is played, Mark "Phantom" Flynn is speaking,

"We have failed. Our nations are destroyed. It's our downfall, we have been defeated by one man. Our nations collapsed by a single push of a button. But a downfall can be restored, Collapsed nations can be restored. By fighting together we will get strength. Even if we're outnumbered but we sticked together, we will succeed. This strength is a new hope for us."

Then the logo of Hunters is shows up on the screen and then "Call of Duty: Dark War III" text shows up on the screen.


Act I

Because of the destruction of America, they are having a lack of weapons supply. Then Pikes get a information about Krasnez has ordered a massive number of weapons and the shipment will be loaded in New York Docks at 09.00 PM that day. Then Phantom, Cyclops, and Hawk are sent to the New York Docks. The mission starts with the three go to the area underwater using Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV). And when on their way they must avoid some mines. When on their way, a patrol submarine is passing by and they must avoid it. When they reach the area, they leave their DPV and then Phantom go to the surface undetected and he saw three guards. Then he get back to the water and he tell his team to kill them on Hawk mark. Then Hawk get on the surface and he stab the guard's leg and Hawk pull the guard and when they are in the water, Hawk stab the guard in the chest and Phantom and Cyclops do the same too. Then they get to the surface and they put off their Diving gear and prep their weapons. Then they go to the vantage point silentely. The team use sniper rifle to kill Guards that using snipers. After they do that, they shot their rope launcher and they are ziplines into the ship. When they are ziplining they got spotted by the spotlight and all Krasnez soldiers in the area got alerted by their presence. And they must fight their way to the entrance of the ship. After when they reach the entrance of the inside of the ship, a Krasnez Soldier lock the door. Then Hawk breach the door, kill a few Krasnez soldiers behind the door and they get inside the ship before Krasnez soldiers reinforcements arrived. After they enter the ship, they must fight their way to the control room. Then when they reach the control room, they breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room including the captain. Then Cyclops take control of the boat. And then they saw a few Krasnez gunboats attacking them. Then Cyclops tell them to man the gun and protect the ship. Then the patrol submarine returns and it attack the boat from below. Phantom tell Hawk to take some explosive charges and plant them on the submarine. After he take it, he jump out from the ship and go underwater. Then he swims to the submarine and plant the charges on the submarine and after he do that, he get back on the surface and detonate the charges. The explosions destroy the submarine weapon system and the main engine and the submarine is forced to get on the surface and Hawk get back on the ship and they take the ship to the extraction point.

The next mission intro cutscene shows a man on a wheelchair and he turn out to be Phantom and this mission take place in 2030. Actually Phantom is telling his team (except Hawk and Pikes) about their operation to steal the shipment and he states it's the beginning of their second downfall. Then one of their team, Warren "Shockwave" Jackson tell them that he has found Krasnez Communication facility. And if they plant a virus on the main mainframe they will be able to access the Krasnez database and the database contain all of their plans. The facility is located in St. Louis. The mission start with the two members of Hunters (Michael "Cyclops" Kenton and Andrew "Metal" Johnson) are preparing their weapon and reloading their weapon and Cyclops tell Metal to do the time check and Metal said it's 22.32 and it's a rainy night. Then Cyclops is been contact by another Hunters member, Warren "Shockwave" Jackson and he tell Cyclops to get to the AO right away. Then the two make their way to the facility. Then they saw two unaware Krasnez soldiers. One soldier is just standing and using his Smartphone and the other one is taking a leak. Then Cyclops tell Metal to take out the soldier that playing with his phone and Cyclops will take the other one. Then Metal stab the soldier's neck and the other one is alerted and Cyclops quickly brutally take him down by stabbing his chest mutiple times. Then the two reach the facility and meet up with Shockwave and another Hunters, Alan "Panther" Jefferson. Then the team make their way to the entrance. Metal saw another unaware Krasnez soldiers and he silentely stab him in the back mutiple times. Shockwave is not going to the entrance but he's going to the Facility System Control Room to hack the Facility system and gain control of the facility and to simplify their way. At the entrance, they saw 5 unaware Krasnez soldiers then they kill them fast and clear the bodies. Then Shockwave open the entrance (Steel Door) and they raid the facility and make their way to the main mainframe. After they reach the mainframes room, Metal breach the door and they kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room. Then Panther start the Virus planting process but it will take some time because the encryption is very complicated. Then Shockwave tell them reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers are headed to their way. Then Shockwave hack the weapon system inside the room to buy them some times. After the planting process completed, they fight their way out from the facility. Cyclops ask Shockwave to get a getaway vehicle. After they are on the outside of the facility they must defend themself from reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers and an attack chopper until Shockwave arrived. Then Shockwave arrive with a pickup truck and then the team get on the back of the truck. They must defend the truck from Krasnez soldiers who using armored cars and the attack chopper. And then Metal bring down the chopper. The chopper hit a watch tower, and the chopper and the ruins of the watch tower blocked the exit of the facility and they succeed to escape.

The next mission is take place in 2021. When the Hunters and the US soldiers unload the weapons, they found a Nuke. And according to the info that Pikes get, Krasnez have 2 more Nukes. The second Nuke is in a Nuclear Powerplant Complex in the Gulf of Mexico and the other one is unknown. First the Hunters is sent to the Powerplant. The mission starts with the Hunters rose from the water after hide themself from enemy patrol. Phantom state the powerplant is close because there are lot of enemy activities going on. Then after a short walk, they reach a vantage point and they saw the powerplant complex and it heavily guarded. Then the three use sniper rifles to take out the guards that using snipers. After they do that, they get to the AO and make their way inside the facility silentely by avoiding enemies, spotlights, and killing few unaware enemies. When on their way to the facility, Phantom ask Hawk to plant a few C4s on enemies vehicles to cover their escape. After they are inside the facility, they get to the control room to plant a virus to the system and gain control of the facility system. After they do that, they heard some enemies are headed to their way. And when they got close, Hawk disable the light using the device to control the system. Then Phantom tell his teammates to prep their NVGs and he state weapons free. Then after they kill the enemies, Phantom saw a dying Krasnez soldier and Phantom interrogate him about the location of the Nuke. The soldier said the Nuke is on the fifth floor, The armory room. Then they go to the elevator and Hawk send the elevator to the fifth floor.  But when they just on the third floor, the power's back on and the enemy disable the elevator and open the elevator door and the team is forced to get to the fifth floor by the emergency stairs but first they must fight their way to the emergency stairs. After they got to the fifth floor they can't find the armory because all the room has the same exterior and door. The team check all the rooms on the fifth floor and finally they found it. Then Hawk breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room and he disabled the Nuke. Then Cyclops heard 40+ soldiers are headed to their way and it's to risky to get out from the buliding via the entrance. Then the team found 3 portable rope launchers. Then they prep the launchers and shot it then the team ziplines out the building. But they got compromised and they are under attack by reinforcements of enemy soldiers. Then they take an armored vehicle and Cyclops call the pilot for a emergency extraction and Hawk blow the charges and some of the enemies are distracted. Then an attack chooper comes and attack them and the three must fight their way to the LZ. And Hawk and Phantom must defend the car from enemy soldiers using armored vehicles and the attack chopper and they driving through the complex. After they reach the LZ, the chopper is not there yet. The pilot tell Cyclops to wait for 2 minutes. And they must defend their position. Then the chopper come and the pilot shot down the attack chopper and the three are get inside the chopper and get out of there.

The next mission take place in 2030. According to the data from the mainframe, Krasnez is planning something big called Project: Skyfire. There is no much detail of Skyfire because it's a classified project and only a few of Krasnez soldiers who knew it. Sergei Kirlenko a high-ranking officer in Krasnez science division and he is in charge of Skyfire and Hunters can get more information about it from him. His location is in a Krasnez weapon manufacturing factory in Amazon. The mission starts with the team is in a bushes and they wait for a small enemy patrol to get closer to them. Cyclops starts to count and after three the team must kill them. After 3, the team run to the enemies and tackle them and brutally stabs them mutiple times. Then the storm is coming and a lightning can be seen and followed by a thunder and it's a advantage to him because the rainfall and thunders will cover their movement sounds. Cyclops states the facility must be close because there's a lot of enemy activity going on. After a short walk and kill a few unaware enemy they reach the facility. Then they get to a vantage point and they use sniper rifles to kill a few enemy guards that using snipers. Then the team use their Rope Launchers and the rope hit the wall on the rooftop of the facility and they ziplining to the roof. Then they enter the facility building via the roof entrance. After they are inside they saw a group of enemies then the team kill them fast. Then the team hide their bodies and Panther found a ID Card to open the facility entrance. After they get inside the facility, they saw a massive numbers of enemy and there is no way they can get pass the enemy. Then Metal throw 3 tear gas and the team put on their gas masks and killing the enemies while they are defensless. Then Cyclops saw a dying enemy and he interrogate him and ask him where's Kirlenko. The enemy said he's in the control room on the third floor. Panther suggest Cyclops to request for an Arclight air strike to destroy the facility and it can be an advantage for Hunters. After Cyclops request it, Phantom said the Arclight will come in 30 minutes. After they reach the control room, Metal breach the door and suddenly a Krasnez soldier tackle him and he's going to stab Metal but Shockwave suddenly shot him and then the team kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room and the team secure him and Cyclops tell him to sit in the chair. And Cyclops interrogate him about the Skyfire. First he doesn't want to answer and Cyclops shot Kirlenko's knee and slam him in the face with his Glock 17. And still he doesn't want to answer and Cyclops ask Metal to do the honor. Metal break Kirlenko's champange bottle and pick a piece of the broken glass and force Kirlenko to chew it. And finally he want to answer, Skyfire is Krasnez new missiles project. Krasnez has developed new missiles because they knew America will fight back. A half of the missiles are already be launced to the space platform and a few of them are still on earth. He said the other missiles are located in a airfield in the middle of Yucatan Forest. But there's another evil scheme in Skyfire but he doesn't want to tell him and he states he has speak too much and Cyclops try to make him speak by punching him, stabs Kirlenko's hand but still he doesn't break and then Cyclops gave up and shot him in the head Then Phantom contact Cyclops and he tell Cyclops to leave the facility immedietly because the Arclight will be there in 5 minutes and the team fight their way out of the facility. Then the Arclight reach the facility and the facility will collapsed. Cyclops ask Phantom to find an exit for them. Then Phantom found it, it is a balcony in the backside of the facility. And the team must fight their way to the balcony and they must avoid some obstacle that falling from the roofs. After they reach the balcony, they fire their portable rope launchers and they are ziplining out from the facility and after they reach the ground they saw the facilty explodes and collapsed into ashes and Cyclops request for an emergency extraction. And with the destruction of the facility, Krasnez will have a shortage of weapon supply.

The next mission take place in 2021. According to the new info that Pikes get, Viktor Fashkov's bomb maker, Roman Vakramov knew the location of the final Nuke. But Pikes and NORAD can't track his location because Krasnez has planted a Massive Network Jammer in a unfinished construction site in New York. The jammer can jammed network all across America and only Krasnez who can use the network. The mission starts with Hawk and Phantom are in a half destroyed building on the second floor and they are waiting for Cyclops to get there and on the outside of the building is filled with Krasnez soldiers. Then Cyclops contact Phantom and he tell him to cover him while he's going to the building silentely. Then Phantom ask Hawk to use the sniper rifle and find Cyclops. After he do it, Phantom gave Cyclops a sign to get to the building. While on the way, he got spotted and Hawk and Phantom must cover him. After he reach the building, Cyclops climbs up to the window, helped in by Phantom. They continue through several corridors, eventually ambushing a roving patrol. The gunfire attracts reinforcements, igniting a firefight. Hunters survives and continues on. Then Hawk open the back door and they can see the contruction site. After a short walk they reach it. Phantom gave Hawk a tactical binocular and he use it to find the Jammer. The Jammer is planted on the roof of the centre unfinished building. Then they start the gunfight. After they reach the building they get to the elevator and when they are elevating there's an attack chopper and Cyclops stop the elevator and they stop at the fifth floor (3 floor beneath the roof). And they make a run to the roof and evading the chopper's fire. Because of the rockets that the chopper shots, the building become unstable and slowly collapsing. He passes Cyclops along the way. Luckily, he grasps the edge of the building just as he falls off the side. Seconds after, Cyclops falls as well, but Hawk catches him. And then the wall that Hawk is holding falls. Then Hawk go unconcsius and then he's been waked by Phantom. Because of the building hit the ground, it destroy the Jammer tower but the Jammer itself is not destroyed. Then Phantom use his Remington 870 MCS and shot it. Then the attack chopper returns and they get into a car and Hawk is driving and Phantom request for a emergency extraction. After evading a few shots, Phantom gave Hawk a RPG-7. Hawk can't bring it down, and the chopper shot a rocket to the car location and it made Phantom loses control and the car fall into the water. The car is keep sinking and they trying to open the door but it can't be open. Then Hawk shot the front window and the team swimming to the surface. After they get to the ground, the attack chopper returns and suddenly the extraction chopper arrived and shot down the attack chopper. And then they get inside the chopper and get out of there.

Act II

The next mission take place in 2030. The mission starts with the team is preparing their weapons in a cargo plane. And then a loudspeaker buzzed and the pilot said the plane is tracked on the enemy radar and a stinger rocket is on it tail. Then the rocket hit the plane and it's about to fall. Then the team prepare their parachute. Because of the hit of the rocket, the plane is wrecked into two and the team are about fall to the ground. Metal activate his parachute and then he landed on a tree. Then he saw a bunch of enemy soldier are headed to the plane crash site and after they are gone, he cut the parachute with his combat knife. After he avoided a few enemy patrols and land mines, he found his teammate, Panther. Then after a short walk, they found Cyclops and Shockwave and they are about to be executed by 4 Krasnez soldiers. Then Metal shoot one of the soldier and Cyclops and Shockwave tackle the Krasnez soldiers who pointed a gun at them and take their weapons and shoot them. Then the team make their way to the airfield. After they reach it, they raid the airfield and fight their way to the take off zone. Then they can't find the missiles anywhere and the zone is empty. Then in the distance, they saw the missiles are being launched from another airfield that they don't know it existence. Then an attack chopper comes and attacking the team. Cyclops request for a emergency extractionn and they make a run to the extraction point. The plane firing them with bullets and a few rockets and the rockets makes a few trees fall and the team must evade a few falling trees. Then they reach a waterfall and the extraction chopper is on the front of the waterfall. Then the team jumps to the chopper and when jumping, Metal reach the chopper but he slips but Cyclops quickly grab his hand and help him to enter the chopper. Then Cyclops ask Metal to man the mini gun because the attack chopper is still on their tail. After a long firefight, Metal bring down the chopper and the chopper falls and hit a Krasnez communication tower. Cyclops contact Phantom and tell him about the missiles. But Phantom tell him to calm down because America got a backup plan to survive the attack.

The next mission take place in 2021. Pikes and NORAD has tracked Roman Vakramov. He's in Italy. He's in a Hotel called The Oyster Bay. The mission starts with the team is disguised as a normal pedestrian and they are inside a car and Phantom is driving, Cyclops is on the front seat and Hawk is on the back seat. Then they are stopped by a Private militia soldier. He ask Phantom to let him check the car but Phantom don't let him and after a short arguement the soldier put a gun on Phantom and Phantom quickly shot him in the head and they are compromised. The hotel is five blocks from their location and Phantom drive the car at full speed and ram every enemy soldier in their way and also there are some pedestrians panicking and running for their lives. Then a RPG is about to hit the car and the team are jumps out from the car and when the RPG hit the car, it suddenly explodes. Because of the intense fire fight, some police officers are in the AO. After a fighting through buildings and alleys, they reach the hotel. Phantom contact Pikes and ask him where Vakramov at. Then Pikes tell him, Vakramov is in the room 141. The room is on the 15th floor and they take the elevator to the 15th floor. After they reach 13th floor, the enemy disable the elevator and the team is forced to proceed on foot and they must get to emergency stairs to elevate.  After they reach the 15th floor, they fight their way to Vakramov's room. After they reach it Hawk breach the door and they kill all enemy soldiers inside that room and secure Vakramov. Then an attack chopper comes and attack them and Vakramov escape. Then the team get out from their cover and chasing him and avoiding the chopper's fires. The chase stop at the underground parking lot and Vakramov take a car and escape the hotel. Then Cyclops stole a van and Cyclops and Hawk get on the back of the van and then they are chasing him. He are guarded by some Militia soldier that using cars. After killing some Enemy soldiers, the attack chopper returns and attacking them. Cyclops gives Hawk an M320 to shot it down. In the middle of the chase, Hawk succeed to bring down the chopper and the chopper crashes in front of Vakramov's car. And Vakramov loses the car's control and the car hit the Pisa Tower and it scaring all the pedestrians on the area. Vakramov get out from the car and run away. Then Hawk shot Vakramov's leg then Phantom contact Pikes and report him that they have captured Vakramov. Then Pikes tell Phantom to get to the extraction point in 20 minutes.

The next mission take place in 2030. America has made a massive number of Unmanned drones to help them fight Krasnez. And also when the war begun, America will sent a few USAF soldiers to take back the Space platform and use it to destroy Krasnez. But they need the last thing that can finished the drone manufacturing process. It's a Computer Worm called The Quantum and it's the most rare one and America can developed the worm, and Krasnez have it. Then the Hunters is sent to Krasnez science facility in Prague, Czech Republic. The mission starts with the team is parachuting down from a plane. Then the team saw a small enemy patrol and then the team run to them and brutally kill them. After a short walk, they reach the vantage point and they use sniper rifles to take out a few lights and guards that using sniper rifles. Then they get to the gate and climb the gate. After avoiding and killing some unaware enemies and plants a few C4 on enemy vehicles to cover their escape, two spotlights is scanning the area and there's no way they can pass it. Then the team rush across to a platform. Crawling under that, Metal plants another C4 on the underside. The main entrance is heavily guarded, and the team decided to enter the facility via the security center. After they reach it, Cyclops bangs on the door and a Krasnez open the door and Cyclops quickly stab him in the chest and using him as a human shield and quickly clear the room using his Silenced Five-seveN. After studying the cameras, Cyclops founds the rare element, it's located on the 8th floor. Using a dead guard's fingerprints, he opens the door. Then Cyclops found the Power Generator. He tell his team to prep their NVGs and then he disable it. Then they walking through the facility and killing some unaware enemies. Then when they reach the 2nd floor, the enemies throw a flashbang and it fried their NVGs and they restrore the power using the backup generator then a loudspeaker buzzed and it indicated the facility is under attack. After a instance firefight, the team reach the room. After clearing the room, Shockwave found the ID Card that required to open the security door. After he opens the door, The team walk to the Quantum. The Quantum is planted in a Small Chip. Then Metal takes the chip and reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers are headed to their way. After a intense firefight, they get out from the facility from the facility balcony and rappling down from the facility. Then they grab a car and Metal detonate the C4s. Cyclops contact the pilot for emergency extraction. Then an attack chopper come and attacking them. Panther gives Metal an RPG to shot it down and while Metal trying to shot it down, Panther take the wheel. Then he succeed to shot it down and when they almost reach a giant gorge, the plane arrived and the cargo bay door is open. Then the car make a big jump and the car successfully enter the plane and the pilot immedietely close the cargo bay door to prevent the team from falling. Then Cyclops contact Phantom and report him that the Quantum is in his hand now.

The next mission take place in 2021. Vakramov said the second Nuke is located on Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The stadium is crawling with Krasnez soldiers and he also said that Viktor Fashkov could be in the area. The mission starts with The Hunters is on a building and waiting for a enemmy convoy. And when the convoy arrived, they stick the enemy vehicles with MK32. After that, they get to the undergroynd parking lot and take a truck and Cyclops is driving. Phantom reminds his team Viktor could be in the area but this mission takes priority. When they get out from the underground parking lot, they are followed by another trucks that filled with US soldiers. And when they reach the stadium entrance, they are stopped by 2 Krasnez soldiers but they keep moving and ram them and the gate and then Hawk detonate the explosives and the firefight started. Then Pikes reach the AO with an attack chopper to provide a support fire. After they are inside the stadium, Phantom disarms a Krasnez soldier and interrogate him about the Nuke location. He said it's in the press box. Cyclops tell Phantom that he will not join him at the Press box because he want to help the US soldiers. When the two are on the way to the press box, they are blocked by an attack chopper. Then Hawk threw a grenade to it's rotor and when the grenade explodes, the chopper's fall. After they reach the press box, Phantom peek at the key hole and he said there's too many of them and they need to find another way. When they are finding another way, a Krasnez soldier is about to stab Phantom but Phantom quickly disarms him and twists his hand to his back and shoot him in the head. Then they found the back door and Phantom threw a flashbang and when the enemies are blinded, the two storms the room. After they clear the room, they can't find the nuke. Then Suddenly Viktor Fashkov attack them. He stabs Hawk in the belly and wounded him and when Phantom is going to disarms him, he shot Phantom in the belly and make him fall to the ground. Then he grab a SPAS-12 that lying on the ground and he shot Phantom's right knee and he states this is for his father. Hawk silentely trying to reach his P90 but he got spotted. Viktor kicks the P90 away and he kicks Hawk's belly. Then he shot Phantom's other knee and sudddenly an explosion occured in the distance and the explosion is occured in Fort Carson. Viktor said he's not going to kill Phantom and he press a detonator and some explosions occured. Then he drags Hawk away. Then Pikes saw Phantom lying on the ground and he said he'll sent US soldiers to carries Phantom away from the stadium but suddenly a stinger hit the chopper and the chopper fall to the ground and explodes. The screen switches to Cyclops and he and the US soldiers witness the explosion and the explosion from the bombs that planted on the stadium are occured and the stadium started to collapsed and the soldiers are running for their lifes. Cyclops think Hawk and Phantom are in danger so he running to the press box. After he reach it, he kicks the door and he saw the defensless Phantom lying on the ground and he quickly carries him to the parking lot and get to the chopper and they must avoid some obstacle that fall from the celling. He ask Phantom about Hawk but he refuse to the tell him because they don't have much time. After they are inside the chopper, Cyclops ask Phantom about Hawk. And Phantom said Viktor got him and Cyclops angrily vowed that he will kill Viktor soon or later. Then they saw the explosion is getting bigger and the stadium is completely collapsed and Phantom's reflection is seen in the glass and then the reflection turn into the real Phantom in the present day and he tell his team it's their second downfall. Panther states that their second downfall will be their last and Viktor Fashkov will going down soon.

The next mission take place in 2030. Phantom sent his team to rescue his old contact, Prisoner #110. He's imprisoned in Krasnez detention facility that located in San Diego seas. The mission starts with the team is inside the USS Washington. They are on a RHIB boat, then the cargo bay door is open. After a short drive, they can saw the facility and it's heavily guarded on the front and lightly on the far side. Then the team start to firing on the enemy seaman on boats. Metal take his XM25 and fire it on the enemy boats. After they clear all enemies on the far side of the facility, the team wears their diving mask except Shockwave. Shockwave is going to get to the safe zone to watch the area, Shockwave gives them their APS Underwater Rifles before they dives into the water. Then Cyclops falls on his back into the water and Metal and Panther follows his lead. Then when they reach the front side of the facility, they saw a couple of enemy boats and they plants some C4 on the boat to cover their escape. And looks like they got detected on the enemy radar and some enemy divers are dives into the water and start attacking them. They got surrounded and Cyclops ask his team to detonate the C4s. Then they detonate the charges and some explosions occured and killing a few enemy divers and some boats are sinking and the fire fight begins. After they clear all enemies on the front side they continue to swims to the facility. After a short swims, they reach the beneath of the facility. They found the weak structure of the floor and Cyclops peeks at the little hole on it and he saw a group of enemy soldier. Then they plants 4 C4s on it and they blow it. Then the enemy soldiers are fall into the water and then the Hunters are quickly shot at them. Then they enter the facility from the hole and they are fight their way to the Warden's office to locate the Prisoner #110. After they reach it, Metal breach the door and they kill all enemy soldiers inside that room. Then Cyclops search the Prison database and he found the cell where the Prisoner #110 at. He's in the Cell 223 on the 6th floor. The facility automatic system is down and the automatic doors must be controlled manually so Panther take control of the system then Shockwave unlock all the cells door except the cell 223 and release all the prisoners to keep the Krasnez soldiers busy. When Cyclops and Metal are on the 4nd floor they must use a connector bridge to get to the stairs. When they are inside the connector bridge, the enemy soldiers blow the bridge and Metal is about to fall to the ground but Cyclops quickly grab Metal's hand and help him to climb the bridge. Then they shot their rope launchers and ziplines across the bridge. After survivng an intense fire fight, they reach a dead end. Cyclops complaint about it to Shockwave but he said the front of the dead end is Cell 223. Then Metal breach the wall and when it explode, the Prisoner #110 slams Metal and point a gun on Metal. Cyclops tell him to lower his gun and tell the Prisoner #110 Metal is on Cyclops's team. And actually the Prisoner #110 is Hawk. Then Viktor Fashkov is appeared on all TV in the facility and he congrulate the Hunters for founding Hawk and he said he will detonate the bomb that planted on the facility. Then some explosions occured and the facility are started to collapsed and they are rushes to find an exit before the facility collapsed. After running through a few cell blocks, they reunite with Panther. When they are on the third floor, they found a big window and they are running through the window and jumps into the water. And when they get back on the surface, Shockwave arrived with the RHIB boat and he help the team to enter the boat. Then some enemy gunboats comes and attacks them and Metal man the MG and protect the boat. After destroying a few boats, an attack chopper comes. When they pass a Lighthouse, the RHIB boat engine suddenly dead. Then the chopper shoot some rockets to the lighthouse and the lighthouse slowly collapsed and about to hit the boat but luckily Shockwave managed to make the engine run again and avoid the falling lighthouse. Then after a short firefight Metal shot down the chopper. Then Cyclops report Phantom that Hawk is with them and they will be reach the USS Washington in 2 minutes. After they got on board a Seaman tells Cyclops, Krasnez sent 10+ Gunships to USS Washington location. Then Metal and Panther rushes to the control room to man the anti air defense. Before they got there the gunships already arrived and start attacking the ship. After a short firefight, Metal has destroyed all the gunships. Then Panther contact Phantom and tell him to get the ship out of there.


The next mission take place 2 days later. The American Scientists has finished the Drones manufacturing process and the drones are ready to use. Later that day, Krasnez attack the ship. But the drones acting weird and they attacking the US soldiers. And the Hunters must evacuate Phantom from the ship. The mission starts with Cyclops is in a room and he's dying and lying on the floor and Viktor shot Shockwave in the head. He's trying to reach his FN Five-seveN but Viktor see it and he smiles and he reload his Desert Eagle and he shot Cyclops and the screen change into a black screen. Then the mission switches to 15 minutes earlier. Hawk and Panther are carrying Phantom and Metal cover Hawk, Panther, and Phantom's back. And when Cyclops opens Phantom's room door, a Krasnez soldier is behind it and Cyclops disarms the soldiers and stabs the soldier in the neck. Then the extraction chopper pilot contact Cyclops and he said Cyclops need to get to the chopper fast because the toppest deck is almost collapsed. After fighting through decks, they reach the toppest deck and it's a warzone and Krasnez battleships are surrounding the USS Washington. When they reach the toppest deck a F-35 is being shot down and fall into the toppest deck. After they take Phantom to the chopper, Krasnez gunship is attacking the ship and Hawk tell Cyclops to use the Sparrow Missile-launching defense platform and use the missiles to destroy the gunship. After he destroy it, the gunship fall directly into the platform and Cyclops quickly jump out from the Sparrow missile and avoid it. Then Hawk contact him and he thank him for destroying the gunship and the chopper leave the ship. Then Shockwave contact him and he said that Viktor Fashkov is in the ship and he's in the bridge. Cyclops unite with Shockwave and an US soldier in the toppest deck. After fighting through decks, they reach the bridge and they found Viktor is sitting on the captain's chair. Cyclops tell him to surrender and he followed it and he put his hands up. Then Shockwave said sorry to Cyclops and it makes him confused. Suddenly he shot the US soldier and Cyclops is gonna shoot him but Shockwave shoot him first in the chest. He's still alive but dying. Shockwave ask for his payment to Viktor but he refuse to give it and he's gonna kill Shockwave because he's no longer useful. Shockwave angrily point a gun to Viktor and when he's gonnna pull the trigger, Viktor shot him in the head. Cyclops is trying to reach his FN Five-seveN but Viktor see it and he smiles and he reload his Desert Eagle and he shot Cyclops in the head.  Then via Cyclops's radio, Hawk tell Cyclops to get out from the ship immedietely because the USS Washington has been taken by Krasnez. Confused with no respond from Cyclops, he trying to ask Cyclops to respond repeately.

The next day, Phantom discovered it's a Set up. Krasnez wants the Hunters to get the Quantum because it's easy to cracked and hacked. The Hunters must located the hacker's location to get the Chip that can hack back the Quantum. So Phantom sent them to a Krasnez outpost in Tijuca Forest, North of Rio De Janeiro to get the location of the hacker by downloading several that contained informations about Krasnez high ranking officers in their Central Computer. The mission starts with the Hunters is preparing to jump out from the V-TOL. Then the cargo bay door is open and the team jump out from the V-TOL and parachute down safely to the ground. After they landed on the ground, the storm is starting. After a short walk and killing few unaware enemy, they reach a vantage point and the outpost can be seen. Then they fire their portable rope launchers and the rope hit the eaves of the building. Then they ziplines to the building. Then the trio detach from their lines. When they gonna hit the mirror, they saw 2 guards standing on the front of the mirror. Then Metal use his USP.45 and shot the guards in the head and crack the mirror. Then the team successfully get inside the outpost. The Central Computer is located on the 8th floor and the trio is on the 10th floor. But first they must get to the server room on the 10th floor. After they reach it, Metal hack the server to gain control of the outpost. After he hacks it, a group of enemy is coming to their way. After they got close to the team, Metal kills the entire light on the building and they use strobes lights to blind them. After they kill them all, they continue their way to the 8th floor and keep using the strobes to blind the enemy. But when they reach the 7th floor the powers back on and Metal is trying to kill the power again but it wont work. After an intense a firefight they reach the Central Computer. Panther starts the downloading process and the two set up the defenses (Turrets, Claymores, Land Mines). The download process takes 3 minutes. Then the pilot tell the team to get to the roof because the V-TOL will reach the outpost in 3 minutes. After they reach the roof, Krasnez soldiers are targeting the V-TOL with RPG and Stinger. And the team must run to the edge of the building and jumps to the V-TOL. When Metal is going to jump, he reach the V-TOL but he slipped and Hawk quickly takes Metal's hand and help him to get to the V-TOL. Then Hawk reports Phantom and tell him that they got the files.

Phantom and NORAD has examined the files and they found the hacker's identity and location. His name is Juan Bardem. He's the one of the three hackers that responsible for hacking the America Space Weapon Platform. He will be at the Shanghai Railway Station to use his private train. The mission starts with, The Hunters is gonna breach the door of the railway control room that filled with Krasnez soldiers. Then Metal kicks the door and the Hunters quickly storm the room. Then Panther look at the monitor and he saw the private train will coming in 45 seconds. Then they steal the employess jackets and wear the jackets. Then they put their guns in their duffel bags. Then they saw Bardem is entering the train. The the train is pulling out from the station and they rushes to the train. After Hawk and Panther are aboard, Metal still running and Hawk helps him to climb aboard. Then they get inside the last wagon. The last is clear and no one inside it and Hawk feels something not right about it. Then Metal opens the connecting door but it trigger a charge that attached to the door and An explosion follows, which blows Metal backwards. Metal regains his vision and then Panther help him get back on his foot and he realize the wagon that they were at is gonna disconnected from the train because of the explosion. Then from the train radio Bardem tell the Krasnez soldiers to kill the intruders and it starts the intense firefight. The train is moving fast so it's hard to walk without falling so they are slowing down. From wagon to wagon they kill all the Krasnez soldiers that stands on their way. Then suddenly another train that travels at high speed is on their left side and turns out Bardem is calling another private train of his. He's using the emergency ladder to get to the roof of the train and he's going to disconnect the wagon where the Hunters at. Then Hawk breaks the mirror with shooting it and then he grabs the upper ledge of it. He leans his head out of it and turns his face upwards. He pulls himself out of the wagon and grabs a grip on the side of the train. He pulls his legs out of it and then followed by Metal and Panther. The train stills moving fast and they are rushes to the wagon where Bardem at before he disconnect the wagon. Just before the wagons finally disconnected they managed to jumps to the next wagon. Then Bardem jumps into the next train and followed by the Hunters. Hawk ask Metal to get Bardem and Hawk and Panther will take care of the Krasnez soldiers. After he reach Bardem, the two got into a fistfight and Bardem overpowers Metal and he falls from the wagon but he managed to grab a grip on the side of the train. Bardem approach him and step on his left hand. Then he's going to shoot Metal but Panther quickly tackles him and secure him. Then Hawk helps Metal to climbs the train and the extraction V-TOL is arrived and the team brought Bardem to the V-TOL and enters it and leave Shanghai.

When they return to the US Navy battleship, they interrogate Bardem. He said it can't be hack back by using the Terrannus Chip and fortunately Bardem have it and He gave it to Hawk. And for that Bardem is spared and taken to custody. The next day, Hunters and the US Army, Navy, and Air Force launch an suprise attack to Krasnez occupied territory in Golden Gate Bridge area and 12 hours before the attack, Metal and Panther are sent to Hoover Dam to destroy Krasnez's main Naval base. The real plan is to launch some USAF soldiers into space and take back the weapon platform and use it to destroy Krasnez. But first they must regain the USS Washington. The mission starts with Hawk and few US soldiers are in a zodiac and the sea is a warzone and they are gonna storm the USS Washington. Hawk is using the mounted MG to protect the zodiac. After they reach the ship, Hawk shoot his grapnel gun and climb the ship. After he on board, he contact Phantom and ask him about his next move. Phantom said he must get to the server room and hack the drone system and take back the defense system and Phantom will guide Hawk along the way. While on the way, Phantom contact him and tell him that the US President is not dead and he's been Krasnez's hostage. He said the president is in the bridge. After fighting his way into the bridge, Hawk and 2 US Navy soldiers breaches the bridge door and clear the room. They found the president is been tied up in the chair and the US soldiers secure him immedietely. Then he continues his way to the server room. After fighting through decks, he reach the server room. He insert the chip and start the hacking process. After he succeed to gain control of the drones and the defenses system, he set the drones and the defenses to protect the US soldiers. With the systems are on their side, the US soldiers got the upper hand. Then a US commander contact Hawk and tell him to get to the carrier deck. After he reach it, the US commander tell him to use the F-35 because of the shortage of US Air Force soldiers and attract Krasnez's warship attention. Then he enter the jet and start the engine and when the computer said the System is online the screen turn into black and the mission ends.

The game shifted to the other side, Kennedy Space Center. A US Army Rangers, Cpl. Henry Johnson with his CO Cpt. John Blake are using a M1A2 Abrams to protect the Rocket Launch process. The mission starts with the tank is been released from a C-17 Globemaster III and land safely on the ground and regroup with 3 other tanks. The objective is to destroy 5 SAM Moblie Launchers so the rocket can be launch safely. In the middle of the battle, Mi-24 hinds are join the battle and provide air supports. After destroying the SAM Mobiles, the tank got heavily damaged. But the battle is not over yet, a big group of F-35 are attacking the area and they are targeting the rocket. And also they must destroy V75 Mantis turrets that can destroy the rocket when it is in the sky. Then the rocket is launched, and they are rushes to the final turret but they managed to destroy it. Suddenly, a F35 destroy the tank with it's rocket. The tank is destroyed but the two survived. John is dying and he tell Henry to leave him and then he passed away. Then he get out from the tank and a group of hinds and F35s are targeting the US soldiers and Henry rushes to a BTR. The BTR join the convoy and leave the area. Henry use the BTR's MG and defend the BTR and the convoy until they leave the area. Then the US Army launch a full air strike to kill the remaining of Krasnez soldiers in the area. After the air strike is been launched, the remaining of US Army are cheering happily.


12 Hours Earlier, Metal and Panther are sent to Hoover Dam. The objective is to destoy the dam and by destroying the dam, it will destroy Krasnez's main Naval base nearby. The mission starts with Metal and Panther jumps out from a V-TOL. Then they deploy their parachute and when they are about to land, they shoot 2 Krasnez soldiers in front of them. They land on Clark Country, Nevada because it's too risky too land in Hoover Dam. The city's now a large base that occupied by Krasnez and they must steal a vehicle and proceed to the dam. After few minutes infiltrating the base, they got spotted by a spotlight. After surviving an intense fire fight, they found a car. Panther told Metal to man the mounted MG and protect the car from the pursuers. After a few minutes, an attack chopper join the chase. After Metal shot down the chopper and lost the pursuers they continue their way to the dam. Then one hour later they reach the dam and the dam is heavily guarded and there's no way they can do their mission silently. And the sun is almost rise and they must do this before the sunrise. Panther said they must find the dam's weak spots to destroy the dam and Metal suggest the supporting collums inside the dam. Then they get to the courtyard and start the firefight. After surviving an intense fire fight, they found an elevator and elevate. The collums are on the top floor but before they can reach the top floor, the enemies cut the power and they must proceed to the top floor on foot. After surviving an intense fire fight, they found the first collums and plant a C4 on it. The last platform is across and they must use the construction platform to get across. When they use the platform, strong wind force them to slow their movement and an attack chopper came and attack them. The chopper starts to shot down the platform one by one and they must run for their life. Then they saw the door of the room and Panther kicks the door immedietely. Then Metal plants the c4 on the last platform and Panther calls for an extraction then they get out from the room and returns to the construction platform again. After running from the chopper they got trapped to the end of the dam and they got nowhere to run so Panther told Metal to blow the charges. After the explosions, the water's flow and the dam is destroyed and then the part of the dam where the two at is destroyed and the two thrown into the water. When they got into the water, they got pulled by the strong stream. Then Metal saw a big rock and grab it. Then he get back into the surface and pulled out from the water by Panther. Then the attack chopper returns and the two are forced to surrender. Suddenly a rocket hit the chopper and the chopper's fall from the sky and explode and the V-TOL is the one who shot down the chopper. Then they get inside the chopper and Panther calls Phantom and tell him the dam is destroyed and Phantom told him to get back to the base right away.

The US Air Force is trying to take back the space weapon platform and the game switches into 10 minutes before the astornauts launch into the space. Hawk is tasked to clear the skies and sea from Gunships, F-35s, and Battleships that trying to retake the USS Washington. The mission starts with Hawk's F-35 is taking off from the ship and Phantom is guiding him. And when he's in the sky, a US F-35 is been shot down and fall into the USS Washington. After fighting and destroying some Gunships, F-35s, and Battleships, Phantom tell him to destroy the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge because Krasnez is launching a full strike that filled with heavy armors and huge numbers of infantry into the US main base across. And if they lose it, US will lost their weapons supplies. But when he's gonna shot it, a SAM mobile launcher shot Hawk's F-35 but he's managed to eject before it explode and land safely on the bridge. US soldiers are setting up some barricades but they are outmatched. Then he fight his way into the middle of the bridge. And he must survive the SAM missiles shots, passing through some destroyed cars and when he almost reach the middle of it, the SAM shot at his location and breaks the part of the bridge where he's at and he slides into the water but before falling into the water he grab an obstacle that sticked into the part of the bridge and he slowly climb up with Nano Gloves and he find another route into the middle of the bridge. After he reach it, he lays 6 belts of C4 on the ground and runs back into the barricades. After the heavy armors reach the middle, Hawk detonate the charges and the heavy armors fall into the sea. Because of that they are equal again and the US can easily handle the infantry. And a Krasnez soldier contact the warship captain and told them to get to the bridge area to help them out. Seeing the warship closing in, the US soldiers starting to panicking. But Hawk convinces them by telling them it's the part of his plan. Then he reports Phantom about the warship and he said he's going to send the ambush teams immedietely.

An Air Force soldier, Kevin Williams reports Phantom that they have gained control of the weapon platform and waiting for command. But first the US must destroy Krasnez's warship because it's air defenses turrets will destroy the missiles before it can hit the sea. So Phantom sent the ambush team to disable the warship weapon system. The mission starts with Metal and Panther and some US Army Rangers soldiers are about to jump out from a V-TOL. They are landed safely on the warship and the first ambush team already fight the enemy soldiers. After survive the intense firefight, they enter the ship and fight their way into the control room. After they reach it, they breach the door and killing all enemy soldiers inside the room including the ship captain. Then Panther trying to disable the air defenses and Metal must protect him. After 2 minutes, he gave up because the encryption is very complicated and he couldn't even enter the system. Then Panther asks Phantom for another option and he said the only option is to blow up the ship. The only way to destroy the ship is to blow the explosives in the armory. In the middle of their way, Viktor Fashkov attacks them and shoot Panther in the chest. Then Metal disarms Viktor and the two got into a fist fight. Metal overpowers Viktor and tackle him and he stabs him in the stomach. He checks Panther and he can't feel his pulse and he decided to leave him and continue his way into the armory. After he reach it, he plants the c4 on a explosives barrel and set the timer. Suddenly Viktor attacks him and overpowers him. He's going to shoot Metal and suddenly a wounded Panther shoot Viktor with his P226, wounding him further. However Viktor shoot him in the head and this buys Metal enough time to heave himself off the ground and onto Viktor. He punch Viktor mutiple and stun him. Then he grab Panther's P226 and shot Viktor in the head. Then he look at the timer and he realized the c4 will blow in one and a half minute. Then he rushes into the outside of the ship but his wounds slowing his movement. After he get outside he jump out from the ship and the ship blowed up. And the game turned into cutscene and switches into Phantom at the USS Washingtom command post and he contact Kevin and he gave the command and the missiles starting to hit the sea. The game switches into Hawk and he enters a BTR and drive away off the bridge with the US soldiers. Then switches into Metal who has reach the shore and running for his life and then the credits roll. After they got into the safe zone and they witness the downfall of Krasnez and the US soldiers and the remaining of Hunters (except Phantom) are cheering happily. After that the more detailed credits roll.

Ending (After Credits Scene)

The ending cutscene shows Krasnez flag is slowly burning up and slowly destroyed. And when the flag is burning Phantom is speaking,

"We have won, Krasnez is been defeated. We're trying to restore our nations, healing their wounds. But it doesn't mean the war is over. Out there there are still many threats waiting to destroy us. There is nothing we can't do to stop the war except surviving it as long as we can, as long as possible."

After the speech is over, Krasnez flag is completely destroyed and America and England flags are shows up on the screen and the game is finished.




  • Resurrection - Intro Cutscene

Act I

  • Strike One - Steal Krasnez's weapon shipment shipping ship (Hunters, 2021)
  • Black Flag - Plant the virus on the main mainframe in Krasnez Communication Facility (Hunters, 2030)
  • Uprising - Find and disable the first Nuke (Hunters, 2021)
  • Skyfire - Find and Interrogate Sergei Kirlenko about Project: Skyfire (Hunters, 2030)
  • Clearing the Signal - Find and Destroy the Network Jammer (Hunters, 2021)

Act II

  • Shredded Wounds - Stop the missiles launch in Yucatan (Hunters, 2030)
  • Guerrieri Coraggiosi - Capture Roman Vakramov (Hunters, 2021)
  • The Blizzard - Find and take The Quantum (Hunters, 2030)
  • Wrath of the Preys - Find and Defuse the second Nuke (Hunters, 2021)
  • Old Fella - Rescue the Prisoner #110 (Hunters, 2030)


  • Breaking the Truce - Prevent Krasnez from taking over the USS Washington (Hunters, 2030)
  • Anonymous - Locate and find the Identity of the Hacker (Hunters, 2030)
  • Hacking the Hacker - Capture Juan Bardem (Hunters, 2030)
  • Turn This War Around - Liberate USS Washington and Hack the Drone System (Hunters, 2030)
  • Final Countdown - Defend the Launch Process (US Army Rangers, 2030)


  • Overflow - Destroy the Hoover Dam (Hunters, 2030)
  • Fresh Bait - Attract Viktor Fashkov's Warship Attention (Hunters, 2030)
  • Last on The Line - Destroy the Warship and End This War Once and For All (Hunters, 2030)

Ending (After Credits Scene)

  • New Life, New Beginning - Ending Cutscene




Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Dark War III have a new feature. The player can replay the singleplayer campaign in Multiplayer. The player will control as the NPC or minor NPC or the protagonist in the mission and if the player decided to be in the enemy faction (Krasnez), their objective is to stop the Hunters no matter the cost until the time reach it limit. And if the one of the players can complete the main objective, they will get a Extra Points or XP.

In a match, the players will randomly get a bounty on their head and the player who kill them will get Extra Points and XP and the bounty will move to other player if the previous player who get the bounty on his/her head been killed. And if the one of the two factions have been defeated, the rest of the players who survived must get to the extraction point and escape from the area. The player must reach the extraction point in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, or more, it depends on the player who create the match, before creating a match they can choose the time. And those who succeed to get to the extraction point will get double XP and Points.

Before starting a match, a cutscene will played and it shows the players are being given the objective (depends on the match objective) by a NPC/Commander in a vehicle (V-TOL, Chopper, Cargo Plane, Armored Car, and Battleship). After the briefing is complete, the players will exit their vehicles (by rappling down, parachute down, enters a zodiac if they are in a battleships, and normally exit the armored car) and enter the battlefield.


Missions will returns in Call of Duty: Dark War III. Now the player can choose the difficulty for their Mission: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore, Insanity, Impossible, and Havoc. Harder the difficulty, more greater the prizes they will get.


  • Deployed - The Kennedy Space Center and The Space Rocket can be launched manually and when it's in mid air it will fall back and the player who activate it will get kill streaks. (Hunters/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez)
  • ​Rampage - A big wild jungle in an unknown location and with Active Volcano. And there will be some ancient temples in the map (Hunters vs Krasnez)
  • Powerplant - A huge nuclear powerplant complex that occupied by Krasnez. The buildings in the map including the powerplant are enterable. (Hunters vs Krasnez)
  • Shipment - The New York Docks. The map features are the accessible shipment carrier ship and the sea for naval combat. (Hunters/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez)
  • Manufactured - A weapon manufacturing factory that occupied by Krasnez. Long engagements on the outside of the factory and medium engagements on the inside. (Hunters vs Krasnez)
  • Railway - The Shanghai Railway Station. With the accessible and auto piloted trains and the accessible railway control room. (Hunters/SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Luxurious - A Floating Luxurious and Fancy Resort in Dubai. Golf Course, Bowling Course, Nightclub, Hotel, Mall, Helipads, Two Skyscrapers, Control Room, Armory, and accessibles elevators. (Hunters/SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Top Secret - A destroyed secret US Government Facility somewhere in the Andes. Close engagements on the inside and medium engagements on the courtyard. (Hunters/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez)
  • Detention - The Krasnez Detention facility in San Diego Sea. Close engagements on the inside and medium engagements on the outside and sea. (Hunters vs Krasnez)
  • Unfinished - The unfinished construction site in New York. Close engagements in the buildings and medium engagements on the outside. (Hunters vs Krasnez)
  • Deserted - Large Empty Island That Occupied by Krasnez and located on the Carribean Sea. The features are some Krasnez bases and airstrips, Jungles, and can be use for Land, Naval, and Air Combat. (Hunters/SAS/US Army Rangers)
  • Dark Jungle - The Yucatan Forest. The features are some Krasnez airfield, Krasnez bases and outposts, and some hidden armory. Can be use for Naval and land combat. (Hunters vs Krasnez)



Now Survived is an open world mode and the player can travel into the other maps by themself (by land, air, or water) or fast travel but before use it they must unlock the fast travel spots. In this Survived the players can make their own Crew. But the crew members must donate 10% percent of their money at the first time they joined the crew and the crew leader can make the minimum requirement of the money that the player must have if they want to join the crew. And the crew leader can make the minimum requirements of skills and battle history and if the crew leader want to, the player who want to join the crew must fight the leader in a duel before they can join the crew. And crews can have their own safehouse/headquarter. In the first time they got the safehouse/headquarter, it will have the standard level and the crew members can upgrade it if they have the required materials and if they have upgrade it into the maximum level the headquarter/safehouse will turned into a huge base. The materials only can be obtained by searching them on the maps. In the safehouse/headquarter, the members can store their equipments, being healed there if they got wounded and live there if they are homeless but they can't live there forever. The time limit is set by the crew leader. And the safehouse/headquarter can be attacked by other crews and if they defeat the owners, the headquarter/safehouse will be theirs. So the crew must set up some defenses to protect it. After ranking up the safehouse/headquarter they can use new defenses that required a bigger level.

Like in the multiplayer, there will be bounty. The player can set bounty on other players and set the prizes. The prizes are money and EXP points. Like it's predecessors, there will be many random public events in random areas everyday. If the player got into a public event, the player will be ask to enter the event and they can choose to join or not. The prizes are random, the player can received money, EXP, med-kits, and weapons. And the player can trained their character. Survived in Call of Duty: Dark War III features Skills Level. The skills are: Short Range Weapons, Medium Range Weapons, Marksman (Long Range Weapons), Meele Combat, Meele Weapons, Stealth, Driving, Strength, and The Character's Speed. More bigger the level, it will be easier to handle the skills.


  • Caracas - Full map of Caracas.
  • Rio De Janeiro - Full map of Rio De Janeiro.
  • Sao Paulo - Full map of Sao Paulo.
  • Chicago - Full map of Chicago.
  • Liverpool - Full map of Liverpool.
  • York - Full map of York.
  • Oxford - Full map of Oxford.
  • Leeds - Full map of Leeds.

NOTE: Maps from Call of Duty: Dark War II and Call of Duty: Dark War III are available.



Insanity is a survival mode and a new mode in Call of Duty: Dark War III. It can be played Offline (Solo) or Online (Co-Op, 3 player maximum).

The main objective is to survive as long as the player can and the minor objective is, the player must leave the area by go to the extraction point. The extraction point is far and to reach it the player must use vehicle. But they still can proceed on foot but it will takes some time.

Before entering a match, the player can customize the match like choose the map, difficulty, and enemies. The map for Insanity are the Multiplayer maps, there are 5 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore, and Impossible. And there are 3 kinds of enemies, Normal Human (Krasnez Soldiers), Zombies, and Aliens.

For Armor, Weapons, and Perks the player can buy them from the Weapons Crates that spread throughout the map. 



Start with a M1911 and a Combat Knife only.


Start with a TDI Vector and a SPAS-12 only.


Start with a HK416 and a FN P90 TR only.


Start with a M4A1 and a M1014 only.


Start with a Brass Knuckle only.



  • Glock 17
  • Glock 18
  • Glock 18C
  • Glock 23
  • M1911
  • Beretta 92SB
  • Beretta M9
  • MP-412 REX
  • Heckler & Koch HK45C
  • SIG-Sauer P226R
  • MP-443 Grach
  • Taurus Model 44
  • FN Five-seveN
  • Desert Eagle
  • USP.45

Sub Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch M47A1
  • Heckler & Koch UMP45
  • FN P90 TR
  • PP-19 Bizon-2
  • PP-2000
  • MP5KA4
  • TDI Vector
  • Heckler & Koch MP5SD3
  • Heckler & Koch MP5K PDW
  • Heckler & Koch UMP.45
  • CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1
  • CBJ-MS

Assault Rifles

  • Heckler & Koch HK416
  • Colt M4A1 Carbine
  • Mk. 18 Mod 0
  • Colt M16A4
  • AK-104
  • AK-47
  • AKU-94
  • AK-12
  • 5.56A-91
  • AEK-971
  • AKS-74U
  • FN F2000 Tactical
  • AK-74M
  • AN-94
  • Remington ACR
  • Heckler & Koch G36C
  • L85A2
  • Magpul PDR
  • Bofors Ak 5C
  • Daniel Defense DDM4 MK 18
  • Daniel Defense DDM4 V1
  • QBZ-95B
  • SIG SG 553
  • Remington R5
  • AAC Honey Badger
  • Steyr AUG A3
  • MTAR-21
  • Heckler & Koch HK416C
  • ARX-160
  • Heckler & Koch XM8
  • Heckler & Koch M27 IAR
  • APS Underwater Rifle


  • Benelli M1014
  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • AA-12
  • Remington 870 MCS
  • M26 MASS
  • Pancor Jackhammer
  • Saiga-12K
  • SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper
  • USAS-12
  • Tula Arms TOZ-194
  • Benelli M4 Tactical

Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch M27 IAR
  • LSAT Light Machine Gun
  • M240B
  • Bofors Ksp 90
  • Daewoo K3 Paratrooper
  • FN M249 SAW
  • FN Mk 46 Mod 0/1
  • Heckler & Koch MG4
  • M249E3 Para SAW
  • M60E4
  • QBB-95
  • QYJ-88
  • FN M240
  • PKM
  • RPK
  • MK43 Mod 1
  • L86A1

Sniper Rifles

  • SVD Dragunov
  • Barrett M98B
  • Barrett M107
  • Accuracy International AWM-F
  • MKEK JNG-90
  • M39 EMR
  • M40A5
  • LaRue Tactical OBR 7.62
  • Heckler & Koch HK417
  • Mk 11 Mod 0
  • Norinco NDM-86
  • QBU-88
  • M59/66 SKS
  • SV-98
  • McMillan CS5
  • McMillan TAC-50
  • McMillan TAC-300

Grenade Launchers

  • Milkor MGL Mk 1S
  • M79
  • Heckler & Koch M320
  • MK32
  • Heckler & Koch XM25 CDTE


  • FGM-148 Javelin
  • FIM-92A Stinger
  • RPG-7
  • Pansarskott m/86
  • M224 Mortar
  • Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW
  • SA-7 Grail
  • M136 AT4


  • M15 Anti-Tank Mine
  • M18A1 Claymore
  • M67 Hand Grenade
  • M84 Stun Grenade
  • M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • M78 Tactical Grenade

Mounted Weapons

  • General Dynamics GAU-17/A
  • General Dynamics M197 Vulcan
  • Kord
  • M242 Bushmaster Chaingun
  • Shipunov 24A2

Attachments and Others

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Target Finder Sight
  • Milimiter Scanner Sight
  • ACOG Sight
  • Standard Sight
  • Fore Grip
  • Fast Mag (Dual Mag)
  • Extended Clip
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Laser Sight
  • Tactical Knife
  • Soldier Glass
  • Face Recognizer
  • Quad Drone
  • C.L.A.W
  • Predator Drone
  • V-22 Osprey
  • Arclight
  • Silencer
  • Reaper Drone
  • AC-130U Gunship
  • F-22A Air Strike
  • AH-64D Package
  • Camouflage Suit
  • Night Vision Googles
  • Night Vision Sight
  • EOTech Holographic Sight
  • Thermal Scope
  • Long Barrel
  • Dual Wield Handguns
  • Armor Piercing Bullets
  • Balistic Scope
  • Strobe Light
  • Nano Gloves



Multiplayer DLC

  • Theme Park - A Destroyed Amusement Park. Complete with the rides, small and huge attractions, Haunted House attraction,  Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, and the parking lot. (Hunters vs Krasnez).
  • Consumptive - A huge shopping mall somewhere in Europe. Close engagements in the inside of the mall and medium engagements in the outside and the indoor and outdoor parking lot. (Hunters/SAS vs Krasnez).
  • Avalanche - A snowy mountain in an unknown location. It's a difficult map because of it's up and downarts hills. With some Krasnez's airstrips, outposts, and bases. (Hunters/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez).
  • Crowded - The destroyed Times Square. With all buildings and subways in the maps are accessibles. Close engagements in the buildings and subways and medium engagements in the streets. (Hunters vs Krasnez).
  • Sea Cruiser - A fancy and luxuriuos cruise ship. Close engagements in the inside of the ship and medium engagements on the toppest deck. (Hunters/SAS/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez).
  • Incarcerated - A destroyed prison somewhere in America. Close engagements in the inside of the prison and medium engagements in the outside of the prison (Courtyard, Parking Lot, and The Prisoners Sports Arena). (Hunters/US Army Rangers vs Krasnez).


Weapons DLC

Assault Rifles

  • Steyr AUG A3
  • IMI Tavor TAR-21

Sub Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch UMP9
  • Beretta Mx4 Storm
  • Jian She Type-05


  • Hawk 97-2
  • QBS-09
  • DBV-12


Survived Maps DLC

  • Philadelphia - Full map of Philadelphia.
  • Kansas - Full map of Kansas.
  • Colorado - Full map of Colorado.
  • Newcastle -Full map of Newcastle.
  • Chester - Full map of Chester.
  • Sheffield - Full map of Sheffield.
  • Blackpool - Full map of Blackpool.


Weapons DLC

Sniper Rifles

  • Remington Model 700P
  • M21
  • M40A3


  • Norinco QSZ-92-5.8
  • Taurus Model 44
  • CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW

Machine Guns

  • AAI LSAT Light Machine Gun
  • Ares-16 MCR
  • STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5


Track 01

Linkin Park - Until It's Gone

Track 02 Linkin Park - In The End
Track 03 Call of Duty: Dark War III Main Theme (Main Menu Theme)
Track 04 New Hope
Track 05 Raining Bullets
Track 06 Downfall
Track 07 Rampage
Track 08 Harder Than Steel
Track 09 Hunters's Prey
Track 10 Turning the Tides
Track 11 Victorious

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: 3.5 GHz Quad Core or 4.0 GHz Octa Core
  • RAM: 8GB of RAM
  • GPU: DirectX 11 or 11.1 Graphics Cards and have 5.0 or 5.1 Pixel Shader
  • VRAM: 1GB
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 and 8
  • HDD Space: 60GB of Free Space
  • Internet Connection: 1 MBPS or Better (Required for Multiplayer, Survived, and Insanity and for Activation)

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: 5.2 GHz Octa Core
  • RAM: 10GB of RAM
  • GPU: AMD Radeon R20-350X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1200 Titan
  • VRAM: 4GB

Optimal System Requirements

  • CPU: 6.2 GHz Octa Core
  • RAM: 12GB of RAM