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Call of Duty: Dark War II
Developer(s) Innovation Los Angeles
Publisher(s) Activison
Designer(s) James Nashton - Lead Designer and Head Writer
Engine IW EXTREME 2.5
Picture format 16:9 Standard
Version First Release
Released November 11, 2019 (US)

November 12, 2019 (UK)
November 13. 2019 (Worldwide)

Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Singleplayer


Ratings ESRB M


Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Playstation 4
Xbox One

Media Optical Disc


"The End Is Near"
―The Game Tagline

Call of Duty: Dark War II is an first person shooter game that developed by Innovation Studios Los Angeles and published by Activision and the direct sequel of 2017's Call of Duty: Dark War. The game is set in 2020, 2 years after Krasnez launch the invasion to America and England.

Mark "Phantom" Flynn is promoted into Major and being titled "War Hero" because his act to end the war by killing Vladimir Fashkov. Phantom moved to a new team. And his teammates are, SSgt. Reginald "Hawk" Thompson , Sgt. Ronald "Rough" Blake, and Cpl. David "Bird" Sanderson. But the war is not over, Viktor Fashkov,  the new leader of Krasnez is continue his father's plan to destroy all superpower nations and build a new superpower nation. 

The graphic engine of the game is IW EXTREME 2.5 the updated version of the IW EXTREME 2.0.


"My opinion for Call of Duty: Dark War II is, it's going to be great. I really like the first one because not like the other CoDs, Dark War series is focused to the singleplayer and multiplayer, not just the multiplayer. And the both mode and the Survived is good. Ok, back to Dark War II. Why i'm saying it will be great?. It has the IW EXTREME 2.5. The engine will make the gameplay of the game more dynamic. And what i heard from Activision, the multiplayer will be more tactical and i loved tactical warfare, but i'm not sentimental person."
―Anonymous Reviewer

Call of Duty: Dark War II is announced by Activision and Innovation Studios at Gamescom 2018.

And two weeks after Gamescom 2018, Activision upload the official footage of a mission of the game. The footage shown two Task Force 141 soldiers (possibly Phantom and Hawk) are inflitrate a skyscraper building in Caracas. And the footage succeed to attract gamers all over the world. 

And after the footage uploaded, Activision upload some official screenshots of the gameplay of the singleplayer, multiplayer, and Survived. And 2 months before the released of Call of Duty: Dark War II, the official trailer of the game is uploaded. And the trailer reveal a little part of a mission in Liberty Island and Krasnez is bring down the Liberty Statue with missiles.

Like before, fakers are uploading their fake screenshots of another gameplay of the game. The screenshot is from Call of Duty: Dark War and Call of Duty: Zero. But Activion fixed that by uploading more official screenshots and a 3 minutes gameplay footage of Lost and Found.

The gameplay is partly similar to Call of Duty: Dark War. But it has new and improved engine, the IW Extreme 2.5. And the game features the Random Weather System, so in a mission/match the weather is random. Sometimes will be rain, snow, storm, thunder storm, sunny, overcast and etc. Except in a mission that scripted to not have the Random Weather System.

The Loadout Customization is making reappearance in the game. And not just the weapons that player can choose to use, the body armor and helmet can be choose too. 



The Story takes place two years after the event of Call of Duty: Dark War, 2020. When America and England are still recovering from their wounds, new leader of Krasnez, Viktor Fashkov is launch some silent attacks to the two nations. It may be silent but can destroyed the two nations into pieces.

The Intro Cutscene shows the photograph of Vladimir Fashkov and the photo has a big red X on it and then the view changes to the photograph of Viktor Fashkov and it has big circle on it and on the circle there's "MISSING" text. After that there are some flashback from Call of Duty: Dark War missions, Back In The Day and End of The War. The flashback shown the moment when Edward Flynn dying, Phantom dragging Cooper Garfield, Vladimir Fashkov kill Xavier Finn, Phantom fist fighting with Fashkov and when Phantom threw a knife and the knife hit Fashkov's head. And with the cutscene playing, Phantom is speaking.

"War is over. That's what people thought. I'm also thought the same. They were wrong, i was wrong. I thought killing Vladimir Fashkov would end the war, it's not. His son, Viktor Fashkov is still alive. And he's the new leader of Krasnez. And i'm afraid he will do the same thing like his father did or maybe worst. And it all started here..."

And then "CALL OF DUTY: DARK WAR II" text shows up on the screen.

Then "5 Months Earlier" text shows up on the screen


With Krasnez gone Task Force 141 and S.A.S are inactive and they just handle some little and medium threat to their country and so as Delta Force. In January 15, 2020 Task Force 141 is tasked to capture and interrogate a Brazillian Drug Lord, Javier DeSantos about the buyer of his drugs that possibly Viktor Fashkov. Javier is in a ship that filled with drugs and headed to Mexico. It's a stormy night and Task Force 141 (Phantom, Hawk, Rough, and Bird) is in a chopper. First Hawk is using a mounted MG and clear all DeSantos's men on the LZ. After he they ropes down from the chopper and they and some S.A.S breach the entrance of the inside of the ship and Hawk kill some DeSantos's men. They saw a massive numbers of drugs and Phantom set those on fires. And it attract some DeSantos's men. And after they clear all DeSantos's men, Phantom interrogate a dying DeSantos's men about DeSantos's location. He said DeSantos is in the captain deck. And then Phantom shot the dying DeSantos's men and fight their way to the captain deck. After they reach the captain's deck, Hawk breach the door and kill all DeSantos's men and secure DeSantos. Phantom told DeSantos to sit on the chair. And Phantom ask him about the buyer. And DeSantos replied that he can't tell the name of the buyer. Then Phantom shot DeSantos's knees with his Desert Eagle. And Phantom states he gonna ask him one more time and if DeSantos doesn't want to answer, Phantom will kill him. And finally he want to answered. The buyer is Viktor Fashkov and he's in Zocalo. DeSantos states now Viktor is more powerfull than Phantom know. And DeSantos silently detonate the bomb that planted on the ship and after the explosion occured DeSantos said that the information will not be spread because they will died with it and Phantom denied it and shot DeSantos's head. And they make their way out of the ship. On their way, they will face some obstacle fall through them. When they're outside the ship, they must jump to the chopper. When Hawk is going to jump, he reach the chopper but he got slip and Phantom quickly grab Hawk's hand and help him get inside the chopper. And they saw the ship sink and the screen is fade to black.

With the information from DeSantos, Task Force 141 is sent to Zocalo to kill Viktor Fashkov. Phantom and Hawk are seen on a rooftop of building. Hawk is using a sniper rifle to assassinate Viktor. Rough and Bird are inside a hotel across the building where Phantom and Hawk are. Bird contact Phantom and tell him Viktor is leaving the hotel with a car to get to the docks and collect the drugs and he's in the backseat. Then Viktor's car is passing by and Hawk fires his sniper rifle and the bullet succeed to hit Viktor and it atrract a bunch of Krasnez soldiers and Rough contact Phantom and request a assistance and Phantom and Hawk get on the street. They enter the building and fight their way to the lobby and turns out the building is filled with Krasnez's soldiers. And after they clear all Krasnez soldiers on the streets, they check the car and turns out it's just a decoy. It's not the real Viktor, it's just a man that using face mask. Suddenly a car that traveling at high speed passing by and the real Viktor is in the car. Then Phantom tell Hawk to drive the car. And while on the way, there will be some Krasnez soldiers chasing and attacking them using cars. Then an attack chopper came and shooting at their car. And the chopper shoot the tires and Hawk losing the control and the chopper shoot a rocket to the car and the car got thrown away and Viktor is got away. There's nothing they can do, the mission is failed. And they get out from the car and Hawk use a RPG to bring down the chopper and a reinforcement of Krasnez comes and they must face them. After they deal with them Phantom request for an extraction. And the screen fades to black.

After the assassination is failed, Task Force 141 is busy tracking Viktor Fashkov and with no luck. One week later, Task Force 141 is been contact by a Retired USMC soldier and he knew the location of Viktor Fashkov. He said, if Phantom want the information, he must meet him in Iowa . After he sent the coordinate of his location he said Iowa is being controlled by Krasnez. Before attacking Iowa, they blocked all communication there and then they raid Iowa. The strategy that used by Krasnez is called, Shadow War. Task Force 141 is using a cargo plane and when they get there, the plane is caught on Krasnez's radar and they shot down the plane and they parachute down from the plane. Strong wind blew the team into serperate groups. Hawk is landed on a tree and when he looked down, he saw a small group of Krasnez soldiers is passing by and looks like headed to the crash site. Then he use his combat knife to cutted himself loose. After landed on the ground he's been contact by Bird and he tell Hawk that he has found Rough but he's not found Phantom. And he said, he can see Hawk on the tracker and Bird sent the location on Hawk's tracker. While on the way to Bird and Rough, Hawk avoided some enemy patrols and some land mines. Then he find Bird and Rough. After a short walk, they saw Phantom is about to be executed by two Krasnez soldiers. Then Hawk kill one of the Krasnez soldiers and Phantom disarms the other and use his gun to kill him. Then Phantom put the retired soldier coordinate to his tracker and he can see him on the tracker. The coordinate leads them to a house. The door's not locked and they saw some dead Krasnez soldiers inside the house. And after they're upstairs and they checked a room. Then a man punch Hawk from the side and he ask Hawk who is he and his friends and he replied he and his friends are the Task Force 141. Then he greets them and he revealed his name, Stan Brooks but he likes to be called Pikes. Then Rough saw a Javelin rocket is about to hit the outside of the 2nd floot of the house and when the rocket hitted the outside of the 2nd floor, they got thrown out and they saw reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers coming. After they killed all Krasnez soldiers, Pikes told Phantom there's a Krasnez compound nearby and they got helicopters and it's the ticket out of there but they got detected by all Krasnez soldiers so they need to fight their way to the compound. After they reached the compound, they saw a bunch of prisoners and they fight their way to the control room to deactivated the security system and free the prisoners. After they do that Pikes leads the prisoners to the armory to get some weapons and help Task Force 141 because the compound is big. Turns out the prisoners are the resistance of Iowa. Then after the prisoners fight the Krasnez, Task Force 141 takes one of the choppers and get out from the Iowa.

In Task Force 141 headquarter, Pikes gives the information of Viktor Fashkov. He moves every 24 hours. And now he's in his hideout. A Krasnez compound on Tian Shen mountains. But he's gonna moves again in 5 hours. There's no way Task Force 141 will make it in time. Then Phantom contact US Army Rangers and tell about the return of Krasnez and Shadow War. And he tell them about Viktor's location. 

America is sent the Delta Force to Tian Shen Mountains. The new Delta Force are Michael "Cyclops" Kenton, Damian "Dice" Anderson, and Samuel "Iron" Stetson. First Cyclops using a binocular and he's looking at Viktor's hideout from the distance. Iron ask Cyclops about the enemies numbers. He said it's too many. Then he stopped looking at the compound and they make their way to the compound silently. Their weapons are attached with heartbeat sensor. While on their way, Dice saw an Enemies patrol and he counted to 3 and after that they killed the enemies patrol. Then they saw some land mines and they need to avoid those mines. And then they saw some enemy tanks and BTR coming to their way and they must get down and wait until they passed. And then they reach the compound. On the compound, Cyclops plant some c4 on some enemies's vehicle to cover their escape. After their inside the compound building, they make their way to the control room to hack the compound system. After they hack the compound system, Cyclops used the device to kill all the lights. Then Cyclops told his team to prep their NVGs and he states weapons free. Then they reach Viktor's office and they breach the door. After they killed all Krasnez soldiers, they can't find Viktor, but Dice found a datapad that contained information about Krasnez on a table. Then Viktor appear on the tv and he talk to the Delta Force and he states he knew Ameican will come for him and then Viktor detonate the bomb inside the compound and the mission is compromised and they need to get out from the compound. They use a snowmobiles to escape and Cyclops detonate the c4s to cover their escape. Then Cyclops calls for an extraction. And the LZ is on the mountains across a giant gorge near the compound. And they at full speed while on the gorge and they jump from the gorge using snowmobiles and reach the LZ.

While on the chopper, Cyclops examine the datapad. The datapad contains the core members of Krasnez, Shadow War next target, and Krasnez main plan. Viktor Fashkov: The new leader of Krasnez, Vasily Stoikov: Viktor's Right hand man and Krasnez second-in command, Dimitri Slemovshka: Krasnez top enforcer. It turns out, Shadow War has been happened for 1.5 year without getting detected, and Krasnez has taken almost entire South America. The next target is North America. And Krasnez main plan is to destroy entire America with their kinetic missiles. After America is destroyed, England is next. Krasnez has hired 3 professional hackers to hacked America's kinetic missiles space platform. The platform just have been made, and the missiles are still on Earth and Krasnez has stole 5 kinetic missiles. After the Delta Force gave America the datapad, United States and England are preparing their strategy to fight Krasnez.

Iron is able to track 2 stolen missiles. The missiles are in South Dakota. But Pikes cannot find the exact location of the missiles. So Delta Force must find the Krasnez enforcer in charge in the area, Dimitri Slemovshka. Delta Force is sent to South Dakota. The missions starts with Cyclops and Dice are using sniper rifles and aiming at a two stories house. They use it to find Dimitri. Then they found him, but first they must clear all enemies on the baloconies. Then they back to Dimitri, he's with two Krasnez soldiers. Dice tell Cyclops to take out one of the Krasnez soldiers and Dice take the other. After they do that, Dimitri make a run for it. Iron is on the entrance of the house, when Dimitri are on the entrance Iron captured Dimitri. And Cyclops must protected Dice while he make his way to Iron and Iron when he secure Dimitri. After they do that they interrogate Dimitri about the location of the missiles. First Dimitri doesn't want to answer but then he decided to answer after Cyclops breaks the window and force him to eat and chew the glass. He tell Cyclops the missiles is on the top of Mount Rushmore and will be launched to space in 1 hour. Then a Krasnez soldier shot Dimitri in the head and the Delta Force must face reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers. After they survived the ambush, Dice call for a chopper to bring them to Mount Rushmore. Then the screen fades to black and the screen shows "10 Minutes Later" text. Mount Rushmore is filled with Krasnez. The Delta Force can see the missiles are about to be launched. But the pilot can't landed on the top of the mount Rushmore because it's too risky. Then the team rappling down from the chopper and fight their way to the top of the mountain. First they shot their portable rapple lines and they climb the mountain and defend their self. But after they reach the top, the missiles are being launched. And the missiles launched 'cause a landslide and the landslide destroyed the scluptures of the US presidents. And the team is fall from the mountain and they activate their parachute and landed safely on the ground. After they're on the ground, they must face reinforcements of Krasnez soldiers. After they survived the reinforcements, Iron call for an extraction.

2 days later, Pikes found the location of a laptop that belong to Viktor and the laptop is contain the location of the stolen missiles. It's in a building in Caracas. The mission starts with Phantom and Hawk are on a rooftop of a building across the building where the laptop is. And suddenly a private jet passed by and Rough contact Phantom and tell him, he's the one who drive the jet that just passed by and Phantom said that's their chance to ziplines to the building. First they set their portable rope launchers and then they are ziplines to the building. And while rappling on the building, they killed some unaware enemies that inside the building when the two make their way to the 42th floor. And when they reach the 40th floor, they cut the glass and inflitrate the building. While inside the two avoid and killed some unaware enemies. Then Bird contact Phantom and he tell Phantom, Viktor might be in the building but the mission takes priority. Then they reach a room that filled with Krasnez soldiers. And then Phantom killed the whole lights in the room and Phantom tell Hawk to prep his NVG and Strobe light to blind the enemies. After they cleared the room, they found a dying Krasnez soldier and Phantom interrogate him about the location of the laptop. And the soldier said it's inside Viktor's private room. And the two headed to the room. And when reach the room, Hawk breach the room. No one inside and there's no Viktor in there and they found the laptop and then Viktor appear on the tv via live broadcast and he states no one will stop him to destroy America and England and he detonated the bomb that planted beneath the building and the bomb is enough to bring down the building and the building slowly begin to fall and will hit the building across. Phantom contact Rough to bring the jet to their location and Rough ask Phantom about the laptop and Phantom replies the laptop is in his hand. And they need to get to the window to jump out from the building. And when they run for the window, the floor where the two at is collapse and make them slides out from the building and some enemies without parchute are fall from the building too. And when they fall from the building, they activate their parachute. And Phantom contact Rough again, and Phantom wants the jet go to another location to pick up Phantom and Hawk. And Hawk is saw the skyscraper hit another skyscraper.

The Laptop is revealed the location of the three missiles. The missiles are in a Krasnez missile facility in Andes and the missiles are about to be sent to the launched area outside the Andes. The mission start with The Task Force 141 is in a vantage point and they are looking at the facility while they take a break. Hawk is take a magazine of his Remington R5 and he reload the gun and then he reload his P226. Phantom is smoking a cigarette. And Rough and Bird are eating their food. And then Phantom throw his cigarette and he said the breaks over. And they ride their ATVs and make their way to the facility. And they stop at a vantage point to clear the entrance of the facility. There are one guard on the watch tower, 2 in the watch post and 3 on the gates. Phantom told Hawk to take the guard on the watch tower. Then Hawk must take one of the guard in the watch post and Phantom take the other. And at the entrance, Rough, Bird, and Phantom will take them. Then they must get to the entrance to hide the bodies and steal their uniforms. Then a Krasnez truck want to get inside the facility, while Phantom distract the soldiers, Hawk slams the driver's head to the steering wheel and stab him and the team do the same too and they hide the bodies and Hawk will drive the truck to the facility. Then the team reach the underground parking lot and Hawk park the car. And the team make their way to the control room to hack the facility system. And when they get there, there's a guard guarding the room and Hawk stabs him from the back and hide the body. Hawk hack the system, after he kills the entire light of the facility and to unlock the huge steel door of the missiles room and Phantom tell his team to prep their NVGs and he states weapons free. But while on the way to the missiles room, a Krasnez soldier has activated the system again and the lights back on. And they must fight their way to the missiles room. Because the system is back on, the steel door is locked again and they must plant some c4s on the door and the c4s needs 2 minutes to blow and they must defend their position until the c4s blow. And finally the c4s blow and when they get inside the room, the missiles has been loaded up and will be bring to an airstrip by 3 truck. Then Phantom get an armed mounted vehicle and Phantom takes the wheel and Hawk defend the car. And when they're going to passed a bridge, the truck has passed it and after that a Krasnez soldier raised the bridge and there's no way the team will catch the truck. Phantom calls for an Extraction and the team will get to the LZ. And when they get there, the chopper's not there yet, the pilot tell Phantom to wait for 2 minutes and the team defend their position and after the chooper reach the LZ they escape from Andes.

The other three missiles are not sent to the space platform, the missiles are sent to hit Washington D.C and the missiles has almost completely destroyed Washington D.C and Krasnez is sent to Washington D.C to capture the US President. And the Delta Force and US Army Rangers are tasked to find and bring the President to the extraction point to be brought to a Presidential shelter outside the Washington D.C. The mission starts with Cyclops and his team are inside a chopper and they looked at the Washington D.C that has turned into a battlefield. Andd the team rappling down from the chopper and Iron contact the Secret Service agent who guards the President about the location of the President. The agent said they are in White House. The team fight their way to the White House. But while on their way, Iron is being contact by a Secret Service and he tell Iron it's too risky to proceed on foot to the White House. So Dice request for a T-62 tank and the tank driver tell Dice to wait for ETA 2 minutes and the team must defend their position until the Tank arrived. After the tank arrived Iron takes the wheel, Cyclops man the front gun and Dice man the back gun. While on the way, the team faces a collapsing building but the team manage to avoid the collapsing building. And the team reach the White House and the White House is collapsing and filled with Krasnez soldiers and Iron contact the Secret Service agent and the agent tell Iron they are in the president office. The team must fight their way to the president office and avoided some falling obstacle. Then in the President office, Krasnez soldiers kills all the Secret Service agent and Hawk breach the door, kill all Krasnez soldiers and secure the president. And when they are outside the White House, the Washington monument is collapsed and the monument is hit the tank and destroyed it. The extraction point is not far from the White House. So the team proceed on foot. And the team got blocked by a T-62 tank and Cyclops must use predator missile to destroyed the tank. After he do that, they continue their way to the extraction point. And when they get there, the president is get to the chopper and Delta Force too. And when on the air, an attack chooper is on their tail and Cyclops must us the mounted MG to destroy the chopper, while on the air the team must face some collapsing building. And after Cyclops shot down the attack chopper, they are going to the Presidential shelter. And then they are saw the view of collapsed Washington D.C and The president declared war to Krasnez.

The next day, Krasnez has board the USS Clinton, the ship is in the Pacific Ocean. The ship is the America missiles storage. They are trying to control the ship and Delta Force is sent to the USS Clinton. The mission start with the Delta Force is rappling down from a helicopter to the toppest deck where the aircrafts at. On the ship they stopped some Krasnez soldiers from climbing to the ship by cutting the ropes. And hawk use the Osprey using the Tablet to controling it and he use the Osprey to destroy the turrets from Krasnez battleships. Then an US Navy soldier from the lower deck contact Iron to get to the control room before Krasnez takes the control and the Navy needs their help because they get outnumbered. And the team fight their way to the control room. When they get there, they breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room and the team saw the camera feed. Turns out Krasnez is not trying to take the ship but they silently use submarines to take the missiles and they have finished the loading process and then an US Navy soldier contact Iron and tell him Krasnez sent a dozen of battleships and they launched their small missiles to the USS Clinton and the impact makes the ship slowly sinking and the team must fight their way to the toppest deck. While on their way, they will face some falling obstacles and waters slowly enter the ship. And when they reach the toppest deck, they must to get to their Black Hawk and they must avoid some falling aircrafts. And the team safely get to the Black Hawk and they saw the ship has finally sink. 

When the Delta Force get to the base, the team is tasked to captured Vasily Stoikov. He's in his private boeing plane and the plane is going to take off soon. The mission start with the team using Krasnez uniforms that they stole before entering the plane. And the team must make their way to the camera room to locate Vasily. Then when they get there, they got confront by a Krasnez soldier in the room and he said this room is restricted and only authorized soldiers can get in and then Cyclops slams the soldiers head and stab his chest. And they found Vasily inside his private room. And when they open the door, a Krasnez soldier is about to enter the room and he saw the dead body and he alert his friends. Iron quickly kill him but he's too late. They have been compromised and Cyclops states weapons free. Then they reach the room and Cyclops breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room except Vasily. Vasily is trying to shot Cyclops with his Desert Eagle but Dice shot his hand. Cyclops tell Vasily to sit in the chair and he ask him where's the location of the missiles will be launched. But he doesn't want to answer and Cyclops slam his head to the table and Cyclops take the martini bottle and break it and he use it to threat Vasily and states if he doesn't want to answer Cyclops will stab his neck with it. But Vasily don't break and Cyclops use the piece of the glass of the bottle and force him to chew the glass and finally Vasily want to answer. The location is the Georgian-Russian border, Caucasus mountain. And Vasily silently detonate the bomb that planted on the plane and he states the Delta Force will not stop Krasnez from launching the missiles because they will die on the plane but Cyclops denied it and shot him in the head. With the plane falling, it's in state of zero gravity. When shooting some Krasnez soldiers three parachute are flying around and they must get it before Krasnez soldiers get it. And when they get the parachute, the plane tears into two and the team is on the sky and the plane is falling to the ground at high speed. The team activate their parachute and landed on trees. Realizing they will not get to the Caucasus mountain in time they will contact Task Force 141 to tell them to get to Caucasus mountain and Iron calls for an extraction.

2 hours later the Task Force 141 is sent to Caucasus mountain. The mission start with the team is looking an Enemy patrol and Hawk is using binocular to count the enemy numbers. Phantom ask how many the enemies are and hawk said 4. And Phantom tell the team to kill the convoy using sniper rifles in the count of 3. After that the team eliminate the convoy and the team makes their way to the missiles. On their way, they avoiding some enemy patrols and land mines. Then they found a small Krasnez compound and Bird suggest that they might get some information of the missiles exact location in there. Then they raid the compound and they found the location of the missiles inside the compound building. The location is on a paper on the chalkboard on the wall. The missiles are in a launch facility 300 meters from the compound. And then an Krasnez soldier contact the compound through the radio and he said all Krasnez soldiers in the compound must get to the launch facility to watch the missiles being launched and the missiles are going to be launched in 30 minutes. Then the team grab an armored car and get to the facility and Hawk use the mounted MG to defend the car and Rough drive the car. On the way they will face some Krasnez convoy and Krasnez soldiers using armored cars. When they got there, they ram the gate and fight their way to the launch facility power station to disabled the facility defences. When they got there, Hawk plant a c4 on the electric tower and blow it. Then they ziplines from the power station to the facility. They saw the missiles are about to launched to the space platform in 10 minutes. Then they fight their way to the missiles control room. Then they cut the vents and rappling down the the missiles control. After they clear the room, they are trying to stop the launch. Then Viktor appears on the main monitor and he disabled the system on the missiles control and he states nothing will stop him. Then the main monitor shows the missiles are about to launched and finally the missiles are launched. And Viktor remotely detonate the bombs in the facility and the whole facility is about to collapsed. When they are going to rappling up to the vents, the vents are blocked by some obstacles because of the explosions and they must find another way out from the missiles control. On their way they will face some falling obstacles. Then Rough calls for an extraction and the pilot tell him to get to the LZ in 4 minutes and they get to the armored car and get to the LZ. While still on the facillity area they will face some collapsing building. When they reach the LZ, the chopper's not there and the pilot tell them to wait for 2 minutes and they must defend their position. And finally the chopper reach the LZ and they get out from Caucasus mountain.

5 hours later NORAD has found the location of the three hackers that Viktor hired. Their location is in Luxurious Hotel in Hong Kong and the hotel is filled with Krasnez soldiers and the hackers are heavily guarded. The mission start with the Delta Force is rappling on the hotel building and they are looking on the sky of Hong Kong and Iron ask Cyclops to check the time. The time is 24:05, then Iron states they're on schedule. Then they are continue to rappling down and when rappling down they are killing some unaware Krasnez soldiers inside and outside the building. Then when reach the 20th floor they cut the glass and enter the building. Then they make their way to the power room to disable the power generator silently and when on their way they killed some unaware enemy. Then they reach the power room and Cyclops disable the generator and the entire lights in the hotel are off and Cyclops tell his team to prep their NVGs and he states weapons free. And in the briefing before the mission start NORAD tell the Delta Force the hackers are in 808 room, 22th floor. While on the way to the 808 room, a Krasnez soldier reactivate the generator and Dice states the mission is compromised and he states go loud and all hotel guests are being waked up by the gunfire sounds and they're runaway from their rooms. And when they reach the 808 room, they breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room but they can't find the hackers. And Cyclops tell his team to check all room inside the 808 room but they are nowhere to found. And an undying Krasnez soldier tell them they are too late and the hackers already leave the hotel 2 hours ago and in a minute the hotel will collapsed. Then an explosion is occured and the hotel slowly collapsed. And they must get to the window to jump out from the hotel and on their way to the windows they will face some falling obstacles. And when they are going to the windows, the floor where they at are collapsed and the team slides out from the hotel and they activate their parachute and Dice calls for an extraction chopper and Cyclops saw the building hit another building across it.

The next day, Krasnez has take the Kennedy Space Center and Viktor Fashkov and the hackers are headed to the weapon space platform. The mission start with some USAF soldiers are deployed from their space shuttle and the space platform is under attack by Krasnez. The player will control Lt. Gerald Tucker. Tucker will fight alongside his CO Captain. Robert Davidson. They must fight their way to the central hatch and destroy it by exploding it. After they reach the central hatch Tucker plant some explosives and they detonate the explosives. But the explosion is too big and Tucker and Robert are caught in the explosion and got thrown away. Then Robert grab a cable that attached on the wall and he grab Tucker's hand and preventing him from being thrown away. Then they saw Krasnez soldiers are rerouting and they make their way to the control room from the outside of the station. Then they saw 4 Krasnez soldiers are destroying the central room entrance and Robert planning to ambushed them. After they enter the control room, one of the Krasnez soldiers shot Robert in the head and then he suddenly shot Tucker's stomach. And turns out the Krasnez soldier who shot the two is Viktor Fashkov and the other threeare the Hackers. Then the hackers start the hacking process. Tucker is bleeding out and he's trying to stop them from hacking the Rod. But he can't. And finally the hacking process is completed and now Viktor can launched the missiles with a detonator and he set the coordinates of the locations where the missiles will be launched. Then he launch two missiles to Pentagon and London for a warning attack and Viktor states today Krasnez has taken control of America and England and tommorow the world. Then Tucker reach his gun and Viktor sees it and he suddenly shot Tucker in the head.

The next day Pikes has found the 2 possible locations of Viktor, The Liberty island and a Krasnez compound in Canary Wharf, London. The Delta Force, USMC, and US Army Rangers are sent to the Liberty Island to find and execute Viktor. Now the island is been taken by Krasnez. The mission start with the Delta Force is in a battleship and the sea of the Liberty Island is a warzone. Cyclops must use the ship turret to destroy enemy gunboats and attack choppers before the battleship can continue to make it's way to the Liberty island. After destroying some enemy vehicles, a Krasnez gunship is trying to destroy the battleship and after shooting it 3 times Cyclops succeed to bring it down. And the battleship is continue its way to the island and Cyclops must protect it from enemy vehicles. Then the Delta Force enter the island with some US soldiers. The Delta Force must fight their way to the inside of the building of the Liberty statue. Then the team get blocked by a T-62 Tank and a attack chopper and Cyclops must use Predator Missile to destroy them. After destroying them, they continue to fight their way to the building. After reach the building, they clear all enemies on the first floor. And after they do that, Iron interrogate a dying Krasnez soldier and ask him the location of Viktor. He said, he's in a room on the toppest floor. Then they fight their way to the toppest floor. After they reach the toppest floor, they breach the door and kill all Krasnez soldiers inside the room but they can't find Viktor. From the window, the team saw a bunch of kinetic missiles from the sky are hit the sea and destroying all ships and one missile has hit the island. And the building is about to collapsed. And they jump out from the window. And then they saw the Lady Liberty Statue collapsed and hit the ground and some parts of the statue are hit the sea. And Iron calls the chopper for an extraction. Then the chopper arrived and they enter the chopper. And when they are in the sky. A missiles is almost hit the chopper and it makes the chopper spinning out of control. Iron and Dice are trying to not to fall by holding the chopper wall. But they can't prevent themself from falling and they are thrown out from the chopper and only Cyclops and the pilot who still in the chopper and then the pilot can control the chopper again. And Cyclops states Viktor will pay for this.

30 minutes before the missiles hit America and England, Task Force 141 and SAS are sent to Canary Wharf to execute Viktor. The mission starts with The team is in a helicopter and they are rappling down from it to the ground and SAS already fight Krasnez. Then Phantom calls the UAV Operator to search the area for Viktor. Then the view change into a UAV camera and the player must search the area. Then the operator found him. He's in the parking lot and looks like he's gonna escape. Then the team fight their way to the parking lot. Then the team's got blocked by a T-62 tank and they can't use the Predator drone because there are two turrets in the area and Hawk must destroyed the turrets with C4s. After they do that, he use the drone to destroyed the tank. Then they continue to fight their way to the parking lot. After they got there, Viktor is using a car to escape and then Phantom stole a truck and drive it and then Hawk and his friends get on the back of the truck. Hawk is trying to stop the car, but he can't. Then Viktor get to the underground tunnel and enter a train. Phantom is chasing the train and some Krasnez soldiers are attacking them from the windows. After the train and the truck get out from the underground tunnel, an attack chopper attack them but Phantom succeed to lost it. And when Phantom reach the train, Hawk, Rough, and Bird enter the train from the window. Then they saw many bombs inside the cargo where they are at. Then the attack chopper return and attacking them. The door to get to the next cargo is blocked. And then Hawk and Rough get out from the cargo from the window and they reach the window on the next cargo and Bird is distract the chopper. And when Hawk is going to open the door, the cargo where Bird at is explodes. And the chopper is caught in the explosion and the chopper is down. Then Rough contact the UAV operator and ask him to locate Viktor. Then the operator said Viktor is in the front of the train. Then the two fight their way to the front of the train. And when they reach the front of the train, Hawk breach the door and Viktor shoot Rough in the head with his SPAS-12 and killing him instantly and when he's going to shoot Hawk, the weapon is ran out of bullet. Then Hawk disarms him immedietly and he use the SPAS-12 to knock Viktor's head and he fell to the ground. Then he's back on his feet and he put out the detonator and he's going to press it. Then Hawk is trying to take the detonator and he gives Viktor a headbutt and he succeed to take the detonator and throw it away. Then Viktor is going to punch Hawk and Hawk dash Viktor's punch and he grab Viktor's arm and he punch Viktor in the belly then he turns VIktor's hand to his back. But Viktor fights back by using his elbow to hit Hawk then whe he got loose he put out his combat knife and he stab Hawk in the belly. Then he takes the detonator and press it. And he states the missiles will hit London in one minute then he leave the wounded Hawk alone. Hawk is trying to take the knife out of his stomach and he did it but he's badly injured. He saw the missiles are in the sky and he trying to drag himself out the train and then one missile has hit the train and the train turn upside down then the credits roll. Then Phantom came and he carries Hawk out of the train and get him in the truck. After they are in the truck, the more detailed credits roll.

Ending (After Credits Scene)

The ending scene shows the view of Collapsed America and England. And when the cutscene roll, Phantom is speaking,

"One months later America and England has collapsed. Fortunately, there are survivors. Krasnez has won but the remnants of US and British soldiers will fight back and they have formed a resistance group called, Hunters. A new hope for us."

Then the logo of Hunters shows up on the screen.




  • New Trouble - Intro Cutscene

Act I

  • Blackout - Capture and Interrogate Javier DeSantos (Task Force 141 and SAS)
  • Preventing the Disaster - Assassinate Viktor Fashkov (Task Force 141)
  • Break The Limit - Find The Retired American Soldier (Task Force 141)
  • Snow Track - Assassinate Viktor Fashkov in his hideout in Tian Shen Mountains (Delta Force)
  • Delayed - Find the missiles and stop the missiles launch (Delta Force)

Act II

  • High in The Sky - Find and take the Laptop (Task Force 141)
  • Lost and Found - Find and destroy the stolen Missiles (Task Force 141)
  • Saving the Country - Brought the US President to the Extraction Point (Delta Force)
  • Heist - Stop Krasnez from taking control the USS Clinton (Delta Force)
  • Heavy Turbulence - Capture and Interrogate Vasily Stoikov in his Private Boeing Plane (Delta Force)


  • Second Chance - Stop the missiles launch (Task Force 141)
  • Hacking The Hacker - Capture the hackers (Delta Force)
  • Outer Rim - Prevent Krasnez from taking control the Kinetic Weapon Space Platform (USAF)
  • Liberty Has Fallen - Find and Execute Viktor Fashkov in Liberty Island (Delta Force and USMC)
  • Last Chance - Find and Execute Viktor Fashkov (Task Force 141 and SAS)

Ending (After Credits Scene)

  • A New Hope - Ending Cutscene



The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Dark War II is completely redesigned. The multiplayer takes place during the events of the singleplayer but some maps from the DLCs are takes place after the event of the singleplayer.


Create-A-Soldier is return to Call of Duty: Dark War. While creating a soldier, the option will ask the player what playstyle that the player good at and the option will give the player the recommendation for their class, weapons, and perks. The player can take the recommendation and if they don't like the recommendation, they can reject it and select their own class, weapons, and perks.

The multiplayer has two new features, Create-A-Faction and Create-A-Weapon. And also the feature from Call of Duty: Zero, Create-A-Soldier is in the game. In Create-A-Faction, the player can make their own faction and they can fight for their own faction to make their faction the number one faction. In Create-A-Weapon, the player can make their own weapon but based on real weapon. But they can mixed it, for example, their weapon have the M4A1 trigger but it also have AK-47 barrel. After they made it, the weapon is in a minimum level. Player made weapon has their own level, the maximum level is 20. The player can decide to sell the weapon or use it for themself. But to create a weapon is not free, it required some points.

And now a soldier will not just died, when their HP is 0. If in 1 minutes, they not be dragged by a friendly soldier to a safer place to recover or being patched up by a friendly soldier, the wounded soldier will died. But even they not died after being killed, the player who killed another soldier will get the points and even if the soldier that they killed is not being patched up, the soldier who killed the wounded soldier will get some extra points.


Missions is a new feature in Call of Duty: Dark War II. The missions are objective that being given to the players by buying it or gained by events. The objectives are killing players using Sub Machine Guns/Assault Rifle/Handguns/Explosives/Meele Weapons a few times, Kill other players with headshot a few times, dying kill a few times, patched up some dying friendly soldiers, and etc. By completing missions the player will get the prizes. The prizes are EXP points, Points, Weapons, and Perks. Missions budget is 12 Points - 50 Points. More expensive missions that players buy, more greater prize the player will get.


  • Sub-Zero - The Tian Shen Mountains. (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Conflict - Iowa while being taken by Krasnez (SAS/US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Library - A big Library somewhere in Europe (SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Carnaval - A Beach Carnaval in Los Angeles (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Sky High - Krasnez's Skyscraper in Caracas. The player can rappling on the building and can do air warfare (SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Final Frontier - American Space Platform while under attack by Krasnez (US Air Force vs Krasnez)
  • Busied - Business district in Los Angeles (SAS/US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Abandoned - An Abadoned town in unknown location (SAS/US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Rushmore - Mount Rushmore while under attack by Krasnez (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • Rogue Waves - Javier DeSantos's Drugs ship (SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Cineplex - A Cinema building in New York that included the cafetaria and the ticket counter, Restroom, Lobby, the Cinema Studios (3 studios), and the movie storage. (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)
  • U.S.S - The USS Clinton. The spawn place for the US Soldiers is in the ship and for Krasnez are their attack ships. Krasnez soldiers can get to the USS Clinton with motor boat and the US soldiers can do it too to get to the attack ships. (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)



Survived is returns to Call of Duty: Dark War II. And the main objective has been changed. In Call of Duty: Dark War the main objective is to take the big cities in England and America from Krasnez. And in Call of Duty: Dark War II is to defend the big cities from Krasnez. The match takes place 5 years after the alternate Call of Duty: Dark War.

Now the players have their own objectives but they can still choose to complete factions objective when creating a match. If the players complete/fail a objective they'll be given a new one and their wins/fails will affect their prizes (EXP and Points) that will be obtained after completing a match. Like Players objective, If factions complete/fail a objective, it will be given a new one and their wins/fails will affect their prizes (EXP and Points) that will be obtained after compleleting a match.

Now a match can take for a year and if a match doesn't complete in a year, the players/faction that complete most of their objectives will be the winner. And now the maps are just not big cities, small citiesountries will be avalaible.


  • Texas - Full map of Texas
  • Dakota - Full map of Texas
  • Iowa - Full map of Iowa
  • Washington DC - Full map of Washington DC
  • Suffolk - Full map of Suffolk
  • Cambridgeshire - Full map of Cambridgeshire
  • Lincolnshire - Full map of Lincolnshire
  • Birmingham - Full map of Birmingham



  • Beretta M9
  • M1911
  • FN Five-seveN
  • CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM
  • Glock 17
  • Heckler & Koch HK45C
  • MP-412 REX
  • SIG-Sauer P226R
  • Taurus Model 44
  • Norinco QSZ-92-5.8
  • USP.45
  • Desert Eagle
  • B23R

Sub Machine Guns

  • Beretta Mx4 Storm
  • CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1
  • FN P90 TR
  • Heckler & Koch MP7A1
  • Heckler & Kock UMP9
  • Jian She Type-05
  • PP-2000
  • Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS
  • TDI Vector


  • Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12
  • SPAS-12
  • Hawk 97-2
  • M26
  • QBS-09
  • Saiga-12K
  • M1014
  • Remington 870 MCS
  • UTAS UTS-15

Assault Rifles

  • 5.56A-91
  • AEK-971
  • AK-47
  • Ak-12
  • M4A1
  • FN F2000
  • AKU-12
  • Bofors Ak 5C
  • Remington ACR
  • CIS SAR 21
  • Colt M16A4
  • CZ 805 BREN
  • Heckler & Koch G36C
  • Heckler & Koch HK416
  • IMI Galil ACE 21
  • IMI Galil ACE 23
  • IMI Galil ACE 52
  • IMI Galil ACE 53
  • Kel-Tec RFB
  • M59/66 SKS
  • Magpul PDR-C
  • Steyr AUG A3
  • SIG SG 553
  • Nocrino QBZ-95-1
  • IWI MTAR-21
  • Enfield L85A2
  • AAC Honey Badger
  • Remington R5

Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch MG4
  • M240B
  • Mk 46 Mod 0
  • Nocrino QBB-95-1
  • Nocrino QJY-88
  • RPK-12
  • RPK-74M
  • STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5

Sniper Rifles

  • AMR-2
  • Barrett M82A3
  • Barrett Model 98 Bravo
  • Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention
  • Izhmash SV-98
  • Jian She CS/LR4
  • M39 EMR
  • M40A5
  • Mk 11 Mod 0
  • MKEK JNG-90
  • Steyr Elite
  • Accuracy international L96A1/AWM-F
  • SVD Dragunov


  • FGM-148 Javelin
  • RPG-7
  • FGM-172 SRAW
  • FIM-92A Stinger
  • Heckler & Koch M320
  • Heckler & Koch XM25
  • Milkor MGL Mk 1S
  • Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW
  • SA-18 Grouse
  • Starstreak HVM
  • MK32


  • M15 Anti Tank Mine
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • M18A1 Claymore
  • M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade
  • M84 Stun Grenade
  • M78 Tactical Grenade

Mounted Weapons

  • General Dynamics GAU-17/A
  • General Dynamics M197 Vulcan
  • Kord
  • M242 Bushmaster Chaingun
  • Shipunov 24A2

Meele Weapons

  • Combat Knife
  • Throwable Tomahawk
  • Brass Knuckle
  • Shock Brass Knucle
  • Combat Axe

Attachments and Others

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Target Finder Sight
  • Milimiter Scanner Sight
  • ACOG Sight
  • Standard Sight
  • Fore Grip
  • Fast Mag (Dual Mag)
  • Extended Clip
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Laser Sight
  • Tactical Knife
  • Soldier Glass
  • Face Recognizer
  • Quad Drone
  • C.L.A.W
  • Predator Drone
  • V-22 Osprey
  • Arclight
  • Silencer
  • Reaper Drone
  • AC-130U Gunship
  • F-22A Air Strike
  • AH-64D Package
  • Camouflage Suit
  • Night Vision Googles
  • Night Vision Sight
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Thermal Scope
  • Long Barrel
  • Dual Wield Handguns
  • Armor Piercing Bullets
  • Ballistic Scope
  • Strobe Light



Multiplayer Maps DLC,

  • Onslaught - A Destroyed and Abandoned small town somewhere in North America (US Army Rangers/SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Rampage - A floating industrial complex that owned by America and Krasnez is trying to take it (US Army Rangers/SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Modern - A big city somewhere in North America that filled with Skyscrapers (US Army Rangers vs Krasnez)
  • N-Club - A big night club in Hong Kong complete with it Parking Lot (SAS vs Krasnez)
  • Knowledge - A university complex located somewhere in North America. The map included with the main university building completed with the classes, the dorms, the gift shops, arcades, cinemas and other stores (US Army Rangers/USMC vs Krasnez)


Weapons DLC


  • Glock 18 Generation 3
  • MP-412 REX
  • MP-443

Sub Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch UMP45
  • PP-19 Bizon-2
  • MP5KA4


  • M26 MASS
  • MK3A1 Pancor Jackhammer
  • SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper


Survived Maps DLC

  • San Diego - Redesign of the Full map of San Diego
  • Hawaii - Full map of Hawaii


Weapons DLC

Assault Rifles

  • AK-74M
  • AKS-74U
  • AS Val

Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch M27 IAR
  • M249E3 Para SAW
  • M60E4

Sniper Rifles

  • Barrett M98B
  • Barett M107
  • Accuracy International AWM-F


MAIN ARTICLE: Call of Duty: Dark War III

In Gamescom 2020, Activision and Innovation Studios Los Angeles announced the sequel of Call of Duty: Dark War II, Call of Duty: Dark War III. They said the game is set one and ten years after Krasnez destroyed America and England, 2021 and 2030 and the game will has double stories. And they hope the game will be released in November 20, 2021.



  1. Linkin Park - Lost in The Echo
  2. Linkin Park - Powerless
  3. Call of Duty: Dark War II Theme
  4. High
  5. Beastest of the Beast
  6. Rogue
  7. Walk through Ice
  8. Frontlines
  9. Moving on
  10. Rises
  11. Fatal Lose

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or 3.2 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics Card: Any DirectX 11 and Pixel Shader 5.0 Graphics Card
  • Video Memory: 1GB
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • HDD Space: 35 GB of Free Space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Sound Compatible
  • Internet Connection: 512 KBPS or Better (Required for Activation, Multiplayer, and Survived)