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TheAmazingBBP TheAmazingBBP 5 May 2014

yall posers need to read this

I can't believe I'm actually excited over a new CoD game, but...


I like the direction CoD is going this time. They're going into the future. Not like Blops2 near-future BS, but for realz brah. 2054(!) according to the article.

Also mentioned in this summary of the article is how you can upgrade your EXO suit (which the player gets in sp). This means that they're going back towards SP cuztomizability/leveling up, which I liked about Blops2. 

Lastly, the protagonist now has a voice again, and he's played by none other than Troy Baker, who played Joel from The Last of Us and Booker from Bioshock Infinite.


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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 3 May 2014

New Game by RisingSun2013 Moving to Game Ideas Wiki

I know I have moved around my idea many times now, but I think this is hopefully the final time. You will be able to find my game on there once I start on it. Sorry. Here is the wiki it is moving to.

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 3 May 2014

New Call of Duty by RisingSun2013: Teaser 3

I don't feel like going through with why I decided to move my project back to this wiki. I just want to move on to showing the teaser. Here it is:

The picture says it is a Sackperson. What does that mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments, but remember, I'm not going to give any hints.

UPDATE: the project has moved to the Game Ideas Wiki.

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 3 May 2014

New Game by Me Moving to GCU Wiki

As I have recently discovered a wiki called Game Creators Universe, my project will move over to there. I will reveal my last teaser on there.

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 30 April 2014

New Call of Duty by RisingSun2013: Teaser 2

Here is the next set of teasers for my upcoming Call of Duty. They are all quotes.

What do you think this new Call of Duty will be about? Say it in the comments. Remember though, I will not give any hints to what it is about.

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 25 April 2014

New Call of Duty by RisingSun2013: Teaser 1

Although I will still work on Call of Duty Online 2, I may or may not make another Call of Duty at the same time. However, this one will not have "Call of Duty" in its name.

Here is the first teaser for it:
P.S. you can make guesses about what it will be about and I'd be happy to hear them, but I will not give you any more hints as to what it is about until the next teaser.

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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 20 April 2014

Happy Easter Everyone!

Yes, I did it on the exact day for this wiki, unlike the other wikis (because I forgot to do it on this wiki the other day). For some of you its still a day away, but either way, happy Easter to you all!

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Izayoi Alpha Izayoi Alpha 16 April 2014

A Little Flag Design for my Game's Universe

It's been a while since I'm active on this wiki. I was busy making and designing flag for my fictional country featured in my Paradox game. I made plenty but I only post few here so let me know what you think about the design. (and I also put a bracket after the flag's name so you can know what real-life country they based on)

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R.I.P Yuri R.I.P Yuri 12 April 2014

Future characters for new series

This is something I was a little hesitant to do, but I was thinking of launching another story (which a sequel to another series) on this website after I finish World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent.  This one follows a different storyline from a different series, called The Monster Attacks: The Series.  This one is about a scenario where genetically mutated animals are used as biological weapons against humanity.

The story is called The Monster Attacks 4 and, well, it's inspired by the new Godzilla movie, as well as other monster movies I've seen\heard of in the past few years of my childhood\teen years.

Here's what I have in mind for characters (NOTE: the screens are from the trailer for Godzilla)

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IronHamster IronHamster 7 April 2014

Test Blog

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