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Hk 4sixteen Hk 4sixteen 17 November 2013

If you're wondering

I've halted work on Ghosts because when I was near finishing the 2nd Chapter, my PC crashed and all my work was lost. Although I do plan on continuing Downfall and will most likely get back to Ghosts.

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 14 November 2013

Return and ''Fall of Nations''

Hey guys, just to let you know, I'm back on the wiki. After having some personal issues, I decided to come back online to seclude myself from the world, HAPPY DAYS. But seriously, it's been a bit rough lately.

Anyways, to the main subject of this blog post: Fall of Nations. Now, this is a game idea I've had for a while and what it's about is beside the point. What is in the point is this, I really want to make a page and start working on this game, but there is already a page on the wiki with the same name. So my question is, would anyone really mind if I delete the content on the current page and added the stuff for my game, and I can save the current content on a subpage?

The page hasn't been editted in over a year, the last time being beca…

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UnduhTakuh UnduhTakuh 29 September 2013

Call of Duty: Time and Fate

During the nuke;

1-)If Pelayo is saved in the air, Jackson and his team arrives at center of Tehran. And Jackson disarms nuke.

2-)If Pelayo is shot in tail rotor, Selena and her team arrive at same place. And Selena disarms nuke with different method.

3-)If Pelayo is shot down and Selena's team is fallen back, the nuke explodes and kills 31, 470 Marines, Rangers, Seals including Jackson and his team

You think, which ending of this episode is the best thing?

Choose one and vote

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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 29 September 2013


The Bank/Banka is a story of something I'd really like to see as a film. It's basically a Bosnian War interpretation of Kelly's Heroes. Same concept, AWOL soldiers and a bank full of gold but with a few twists.

Some of the characters are mentioned below

  • Vuk Kostić as Lt/Pvt. Vidić: De Facto platoon leader
  • Sergej Trifunović as Boro:  De Jure platoon leader
  • Milan Marić as Stoner: A helicopter pilot who seemingly shouldn't be one
  • Nikola Kojo as Bata: A mobster and paramilitary man from Belgrade
  • Nikola Đuričko as Šumandijanac: Stoner's co-pilot
  • Giorgos Kapoutzidis as Ioannidis: A Greek man who somehow ended up in the VRS, he can't even speak Serbian.
  • Bojan Dimitrijević as Cpl. Grobarvić: A Croatian Serb Partizan Belgrade fanatic and a veteran of Vukov…

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Hk 4sixteen Hk 4sixteen 23 September 2013

Just had an idea for dat idea

So, you all probably know about weejoh's idea for the world war simulation. If not, we'll explain later. But anyway, I just had an idea on how to form alliances. We could create locations on Nation States (I personnaly am crossing my fingers for a place in Inzurrectia) and then have 3/2 users per location (aka Alliance). And also, we ought to get this simulation into motion, so get those caps on!

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Chilled10 Chilled10 11 September 2013

A moment of silence

My dedication to the victoms of 9/11

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EternalBlaze EternalBlaze 6 September 2013

A Few Things...

Just a few things I'd like to announce...

As some (or all, or no one) knows, I have created an upcoming video game, which I will most likely reveal later tonight (where I am in the world, which is in a few hours possibly).

Anyways, regarding you people of the wiki, I want to ask is anyone is interested in creating a character for the game. More details will be released later, when it is actually revealed, but if you're interested, just say so and if you want to be good or bad or neutral or whatever.

If you're really that interested (I doubt anyone will to be honest), you may create two characters.

Yep, school started for me this past Wednesday. I have a feeling that I will be much more busy, as my classes are making me feel extremely stupid an…

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900bv 900bv 5 September 2013

Audience Participation: What Do You Want?

Right, this blog is gonna be fairly simple. I have so many ideas in progress, and new ideas constantly coming into my mind, that they'll all probably be simultaneously finished in about six years because I'll work on each one sporadically.

So, I'm enlisting you guys to tell me what I should be focusing on, because I've got no bloody idea. I'll probably be limiting it the stuff I've got going on this wiki and over at NZP. Looks like it's time for a poll of infinite terror.

Just click one of those circles and vote. I'm fairly erratic when it comes to writing things, and if I have an obligation to focus on one thing, then it gets done. Also, if you bastards make it a tie, I'll be using a random number generator to pick one. I'll check again in a…

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Hk 4sixteen Hk 4sixteen 5 September 2013

My New Sig

Might change colours later on.

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TheAmazingBBP TheAmazingBBP 31 August 2013

Possible Hiatus

Hey guys.

As you may or may not know, I have started school again. I am also now on the soccer team at my school, and I'm also in a church youth group and an extra afterschool class. On top of that, I'll likely be studying for SATs and taking Driver's Ed soon.

The point of this is: I've got a lot going on and I probably won't be on much anymore. I'll try to come on as often as possible, but 'as often as possible' will likely mean only on weekends, or maybe some 20 minutes on some weeknights. Because of this, I'm considering retracting myself from the RP since I'd likely be unable to keep up with my co-writer(s), although that's not a definite. If I do, then I'll likely give someone control of the characters, although 'ownership' of the chara…

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