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Izayoi Alpha Izayoi Alpha 8 January 2014

Updates and Proposal of the New Fanfic Wiki

Hi Guys..

I've created a new article related to my Paradox video games project. you can read it here. Tell me about your opinion of my articles.

and also, I have made a fanfic wiki similar with this wiki but revolves around the Empire Earth series and its kind. you can visit or even contribute (if you had play Empire Earth before) on the wiki here. I'll be pleased if you want to contribute to the new wiki I made.

I think that's for now, have a good morning/day/afternoon/night. (depending where you are)

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PraYer;-;7 PraYer;-;7 4 January 2014

The first RP of 2014

Hello every special individual on this wiki. I'm Weejoh-_-, as you know.... I hope.

And we need to make this wiki get classy like it was in summertime. No better way to do that with a classic roleplay, although this isn't really a classic idea.

Imagine, you're part of a squad. Stranded in the deep jungles of vietnam. Danger is everywhere and all you got left is each other. You need to make your way back home... But how? With your friends? Leave the others behind? Stick with the guy with the biggest mouth or try to keep the group together? It's all up to you... and only for yourself.

In this roleplay, a american squad is in vietnam. There transport got shot down and they need to get back. Everyone will take up one position in the squad. We got…

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 1 January 2014

Announcement: The New Year, School, Upcoming Projects

Hello everyone! I came on today to tell you all a couple of things.

  • 1 The New Year
  • 2 School
  • 3 Upcoming Projects
    • 3.1 Progress: Road of War
    • 3.2 Progress: Fall of Nations
    • 3.3 Progress: Steel Goliaths

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that this year will be even better than 2013 for a number of reasons. I'll run down a couple of them right now: we've grown much closer as a community over the last year and I can personally call almost everyone of you my friends, I'm sure we all have more ideas to work and share with each other, and lastly, even though we all have stuff going on IRL, we are able to gather here and communicate with each other, no matter where we're from.

Now that's something special. Let's hope for an amazing year guys!

Now, sadly, I h…

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PraYer;-;7 PraYer;-;7 1 January 2014

Happy 2014 son of a bitchas

Everyone, happy 2014 (For Joey's 2012+2). Already 1:05 in Holland, so for the guys in america, get ready.

For most people was 2012+1 a special year. People came together like... And Im boring myself. LETS BLOW THE FIREWORKS, POP THE CHAMPAGNE AND BE MORE CLASSY THAN BEFORE.

To everyone, have another great year, like 2012+1 was. Or hope that it'll be better than it. Wishes to everyone, for a good, good life. No matter if you're british, lia-lover, a breakfast snack, a stealth ninja, a pr0n-lover, half-dead, drunk, a person-who-finally-can-type-the-lettre-b, another missing breakfast snack or belgian, we can make another great year together.

Lets get relive this year and dont stop the party till the break of dawn.

UPDATE: To start things off in 2…

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Izayoi Alpha Izayoi Alpha 28 December 2013

Comeback and New Ideas

Ah... it's been a while since the last time I visit this wiki. I was on hiatus due my homeworks and such. But, as always, I'm gonna updating my current project.

So, It's good to be back.

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 21 December 2013

Progress: Road of War

I am back again today with another blog post. This time, it is a progress report on Road of War.

So far, the game has been coming along quite nicely considering the circumstances I am in. I have been working on this game practically anywhere I go, be it a party or in school. So, here's the rundown for what I have completed:

  • Missions: The "Prologue" all the way up to "Fallen Angels" is finished. I have used 29 pages of lined paper to write all the way up until there and I just keep going.
  • Countries and Continents: All thirteen countries for the series have been decided, though their information is still in the brainstorming process. Boundaries and how the continents look have also been finalized.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles are being completely redone in…

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 21 December 2013

Update: Winter Break, Game Ideas, and more

Hello everyone! DeadRaiser here and I have a few things to report.

First off, today officially starts my winter break. From now until January 1st, I have all the time in the world to, once again, work on my games. This also means I will be on wiki chat a lot more often so I can catch up with all of you.

Most of you may know I have three games that I am working on, Road of WarFall of Nations, and Steel Goliaths. Well, as of now progress has been coming along quite well on Road of War. As of now, I have finished most of Act 1 and I hope to work on all of Act 2 over the break. Further more, I have started working on vehicle, weapon, and character designs and info for the game.

In the meantime, Fall of Nations and Steel Goliaths are still in the…

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BootyBooty69 BootyBooty69 18 December 2013

Why hell-o there

Why hello everybody (Yes I know I have a ridicuoulas name live with it) I now will like to announce that i will be in this wikia. First I will start by inserting my dominence and peeing an all of yor`s yards, have a nice day;)

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Pancake301 Pancake301 8 December 2013

wtf did wikia do

wtf did wikia do with the design for editing pages, its a complete clusterfuck and templates are too confusing to use anymore

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EternalBlaze EternalBlaze 28 November 2013

Paradox reveals

  • Most, if not all, of the pictures I get are from the game, Far Cry 3.
  • I've decided to make all mini-maps in my pictures as if there's a Counter UAV-like killstreak in the air, as I'm too lazy and unskilled at making my own mini-maps based on the pictures I use.
  • I apologize for making the killfeeds hard to read. I'll try to fix them as I go...
  • I don't even know why I'm doing this... Edit: Wait! I do know! I'm using this as a way to store any pictures I create that I will potentially use on any pages in the future!
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