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PraYer;-;7 PraYer;-;7 6 April 2014

CONFIRMED: George is Georgina (actually Liz)

Guys, breaking news. Our george is actually a girl! I know, some of you expected this, but it's finally confirmed by Valve, who waited since the last Half Life confirmation for this moment. See the leaked tweet by our charming girl down there:

So now we can expect some more feminists around here, Poetin can finally appreciate our way of life dedicated to fan fiction and he could stop taking Crimea away from the poor Ukraine, who waited 70 years to be independent in a country lead by the state where you cant fuck the state, because the state fucks you #InSovietRussia

We will wait for more details about this new scientific wonder, which will be explained by Bill Nye with Opera Winfrey. Peace

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EternalBlaze EternalBlaze 3 April 2014

What is this...?

I was browsing YouTube when I come across this... Don't know how I managed to find it, but I saw "Call of Duty Fan Fiction Wiki" in the description and was interested in seeing what it was.

Was I there when that happened?

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AgentUnpredictable909 AgentUnpredictable909 15 March 2014

E3 2015? Will it happen?

Hi guys, i just wondering, do you guys will make another E3 (E3 2015). I missed the first one, and i really want to make a presentation of my game. But it's okay if you guys not planning to do it.

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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 13 March 2014

Viva la Quinta Brigada

The story will be set in 1936 Andalusia, following a squad of the 15th International Brigade

  • Frankie Desmond-Kilkenny
  • Eoin O'Leary-Sligo
  • Paddy Smith-Dublin
  • Seán McDaid-Leitrim
  • Jim Sullivan-Donegal
  • Pauric "Fitzy" Fitznorman-Cork
  • Pól O'Neil-Tyrone
  • Gerry McCall-Derry
  • Shea Murphy-Dublin
  • Barry Gallagher-Derry
  • Vincent "Vinnie" Grant-Louth
  • Iosá McMonagle-Kerry
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RisingSun2013 RisingSun2013 9 March 2014

Regularly Scheduled Poll 1

Welcome to my first Regularly Scheduled Poll. This is a series of polls made regularly, meaning it could be any amount of time between me making them. I'm unsure yet if I'll hold them here or on the Nazi Zombies Plus wiki, but I have this one up on there too. You might remember these first two polls if you edit on the Call of Duty wiki, because they come from my first poll blog there.

Created by: RisingSun2013 (talk) 23:44, March 9, 2014 (UTC)
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.VioletEclipse .VioletEclipse 24 February 2014

Wtf did I miss

So I take a little break from Wikia and people spammed my inboxes on like seven different wikis what am I missing here

Someone fill poor me in with info or something


I'm foreveralone


Don't hate me forever pls because I've been hiding in a cardboard box (imaginaaation) known as high school

So in other words: Hello, how has everyone been doing??

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J20s are cool J20s are cool 14 February 2014

sooooo pumped

Im hoping and praying i get a code for the titanfall beta im sooooo excited you wouldnt believe it.

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Hk 4sixteen Hk 4sixteen 13 February 2014


I've decided to return to this wiki, but instead of continuing Rise, I'm going to be adapting the storyline into a short story.


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UnduhTakuh UnduhTakuh 15 January 2014

Source and Visual

Friends. I can publish an upcoming crossover game, but I can't change easily. Because there were source and visual editors. But now, there's only source editor left. Please, can you reactive visual editor?

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Section Section 12 January 2014

Homepage, background and theme redesign

My first blog, ever. Anyway, i think we should change the homepage, background and theme. The homepage doesn't need to much work, i created a concept page similar to the current one but did something retarded in the process. - Tell me what you think.

A different background would be nice, something that really stands out and contrasts with the new theme. We need a different theme, simple. The current one is old, stale, worn out, historic and aged, you get the point.

A couple of backgrounds, feel free to suggest more.

  • - My favourite.
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