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Sycorabbit Sycorabbit 10 August 2010

sycorabbit hunted

hey guys im moving the blog from cod wiki to here but first a few ?

do you read it because if not enough people read it im going to canncell it,also how do you put pages in the fanfiction area of the fanon

so if you want a character leave it he the faction are task force 141 (full) shadow comp. or russian armed forces i your character was killed use russian army only plz and if new read it first thank you

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Coolcoolman9 Coolcoolman9 8 August 2010

Hello People

Everybody on this wiki can put whatever comment on this blog.

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Azuris Azuris 8 August 2010


Remember to include some images into your fan fictions or roleplays! That way, it will give the reader sense of the characters and the settings.

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BravoAlphaSix BravoAlphaSix 8 August 2010

EVERYONE!!! You guys made a mistake, BBP09 already made a CoD FF wiki!

YOU SHOULD OF CHECKED!!!! Never mind. So i move my FF from there to here? 01:57, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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