Aleksandr Bullski is the Primary Antagonist of Squad Beta. He is the corrupt Commander of the Russian Army controlling it under sworn secrecy as Bullski's Army.
Aleksandr Bullski

Aleksandr Bullski in Russia


A close-up of Bullski's hidden face

Bullski never appeared in public, whenever he left his base he wore a balaclava.

Pre-Squad Beta

Early Life

At a young age, Aleksandr was a child prodigy. His father was a hunter, he possessed many rifles and knives, which Aleksandr found access to and killed many creatures. During the Cold War, he mercilessly slaughtered Americans by crippling then and slitting their throats. He assumed a de facto leadership over the Russian Army.

Squad Beta


Aleksandr never explicitly appeared in the "Prolouge" however a hideout belonging to him was raided by the 39th Division.

Act I

Aleksandr never appeared or mentioned in "Act I".

Act II

Aleksandr is set to appear in the finale of Squad Beta where there is a 3-way battle between Bullski's Army, Squad Beta and the Insurgents